For those who love cats and have them as pets, you understand that cats are similar to human beings in a number of ways. One of them is that cats are sensitive to change and new environments just like human beings. Therefore, they need to be prepared psychologically as well as physically for a move. Fortunately, there are some ways to ensure that your cat is ready for the move.

Talk to your cat


It’s not strange for pet owners to talk to their cats. This is because they know that cats know how to listen, especially to calm and reassuring tones. The point here is, try to reassure your cat. Have a man-to-cat talk and explain to your at why you are moving. You will be surprised at how your cat will understand. As a result, you will notice a change in the behavior whereby your cat will be less stressed or frightened.

Maintain the daily routine

One way of ensuring your cat is well prepared for a move is to maintain the routine of its daily activities. This is because a change in your cat’s routine could alarm them that maybe things are not okay. As a result, the cat will be stressed out and frightened. To protect your cat from unnecessary stress and panic, ensure that your packing activities do not affect your cat’s daily way of life.

Have your cat checked by the vet

It is advisable to have a cat checkup before you relocate. This is to make sure that your cat is in good shape. It is also good so that you can have the vet advice you on how to take care of your cat in case your new place is in a different altitude than your current one. Your cat may have problems adjusting just like you and the only way to ensure its safety is to have a vet check on it.

Have the transportation ready

Your cat will definitely require a special pet transport container in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable journey to the new home. You should ensure that the pet transportation carrier you acquire is spacious enough so that your cat is free to stand, sit and move around comfortably.

Find a safe room for your pet

To protect your pet from being upset as you are preparing to move, you can put it in a special room where they will be safe and away from all the packing and the movements involved. This will help in reducing the tension and keeping your pet distracted.

Do not transport your cat with other items

As mentioned earlier, your cat, just like any pet, is very sensitive. Therefore, do not add to the list of your pet’s stress by entrusting it with your movers. Also, do not transport your cat in the trunk of your car. In short, ensure that your pet is in a safe carrier near you.

Still, there are many dangers that can be involved while travelling with your cat. Some include your pet becoming aggressive because of the stress that comes with change or being sick on the way due to change in environment. Therefore, to keep your cat calm and assured, make sure that the cat is near you in a place where they can see you.

Another way of ensuring that your cat is not unduly stressed when moving is to use the help of professional residential movers in Long Island. This is because they are trained on how to ensure safe and proper moving of pets such as cats and therefore, you will be sure that your cat will have an easy time during the move.