Many will agree that packing and moving is a daunting task they would rather not go through. But sometimes moving is inevitable and you need to prepare yourself physically and emotionally before the move to make the process less stressful. First things first, you need to get the right moving company in Long Island to help you move your property across New York. Who said moving has to necessarily involve stress and feel like you may lose your mind in the process? Read along to find out how you can organize your move to make it more exciting.

Write down a list

First of all, start by designating a “parking central” point where you will place all the packing materials like boxes, marking pens, labels and other items you may use. Take a notebook where you will note down everything- yes, everything! You should have your notebook ready before you start packing anything. Number each box and write down in your list the items in a particular box. Be specific as you label the boxes. For example, you can label a box “Bathroom supplies” rather than “misc”. This process saves you and the moving company time when you reach your destination by placing boxes in the right locations.

Get plenty of supplies

Get as many boxes as you can to have enough to hold all your stuff. It is better to have excess than less which will save you a lot of headaches. Keep aside like 10 boxes to pack last minute items like beddings, towels and cleaning supplies. Stock enough packing tapes to seal up the boxes when full. It is better to use unprinted newsprint to wrap your items rather than a newspaper which might leave stains. Have bubble wraps to have enough cushioning for fragile items.

Color coordinate

You can save unpacking time by ensuring the movers place everything where it is supposed to be. Use colored stickers to come up with a color code as to where each box will go. Place the colored sticker next to the number on the box and ensure that you label the doors with the same colored stickers so that movers know where to place each box. You can go ahead and carefully place labels on the wall with signs written “Place box here” to create more space for furniture.

Pack ahead of moving day

You can start packing days before the actual move. It makes the process easy and less stressful since you have a lot of time. You can start with items that your family is not using and all the excess supplies that you don’t need for the time. Leave enough dishes and food supplies to last you until the moving day. This allows you to do the parking as a family and you can use the time to discuss your anticipation of your new destination. You can teach your kids to pack their own stuff and this gives them a sense of responsibility.

Keep valuable items safe

It is always advisable to pack valuable items like jewelry and silverware separate and travel with them. In case you have limited room in your car and you may need to place them in the moving truck, then you can cleverly label the boxes in a way no one will be curious enough to check the contents. For example, you can label silverware or antiques as “Kitchen pantry items”. You need to find out from the movers what you need to have as evidence in the event you lose items and you want to file a claim. You can use photos, appraisals and receipts for this purpose if it comes down to it.