Moving can be stressful for the whole family more so to the kids. Children tend to be distracted easily and get bored if they have nothing to keep them busy. If you have a long ride ahead of you, then you need to plan ahead for some activities that can keep the whole family engaged to reduce boredom during transit.

Ensure that you take the time to hire efficient movers in New York that will get your mind off your properties during your long distance journey. Check online for companies that have good reviews on residential moving in Long Island. Here are some of the tips on how to keep your children busy during the relocation process.

Let the Kids pack their own belongings


You can help your kids arrange their own belongings. This bring closure to exiting the old house. Ask them to pile things they want to carry and to place things they would want to donate on the side. This gives children a sense of responsibility. Relocation can make children feel like they are losing ground and control and so it can make them very anxious. But allowing them to have control of what to bring along, gives them the confidence they need to face the new environment. Use the packing time to talk to your kids about the move and all about the exciting things they will encounter ahead.

Make a fun box

Ask your children to come up with a fun box where each child can place their favorite item they are willing to give up. They can place their favorite blankets, toys, movies and photos. You can agree to do this on the first day after your move to help the children prepare mentally for new changes. You can occasionally pull out this box when you notice a meltdown to remind them of their favorite times.

Allow your kids to make paintings for their own room

Buy your kids crayons, markers, poster boards and other craft supplies and let them come up with creative ways to decorate their rooms. Since this is for them, they will take the project more seriously and this will keep them busy for some time. You can encourage them by promising to frame their paintings and hang in their rooms. This is something kids will look back to even after they are grown which will bring all the good memories and fun they had when they had to undertake these projects.

Give them room to organize their new bedroom

Allowing your kids to take responsibility for their room shows them that you trust their judgment and they tend to act more responsibly. For the first few weeks supervise them as they place their toys and books in their rooms to get an idea how they like them to be. As a parent, you have to ensure that all of this is done under supervision to ensure their safety or that they don’t take their imagination too far. They will take pride in seeing what they are capable of achieving on their own.

Final thoughts

It is better to talk to your children weeks or even months before the move to prepare them for the change. Explain what it means and what they have to give up after they move. Always stay optimistic about it and let them know that they have an opportunity to learn new things and make new friends which will be very exciting. Let them be involved in all moving plans including packing and unpacking. You should allow them to view their anticipation and how they feel about the change.