Ensuring your business, commercial move is stress free and streamlined can be accomplished by seeking professional assistance. This will eliminate all the hustle involved and ensure that your move is conducted in an efficient and organized manner. Therefore, when planning that commercial move, there are several factors to bear in mind.

Marking and tagging

Marking and tagging is an important aspect in commercial moving. While it may come across as a daunting task to tag and mark all the items, it is necessary to ensure that all the company belongings arrive at the new location safely. By taking note of every mark and tag made, it is possible to make a list of all the items being moved thereby enabling you to cross check those items which are leaving and those which have already been delivered to the new location.


The use of colored labels will make the labeling of your commercial items easier. Through the identity they create, the color code can be used to classify the items into the various departments that they belong to. It is normally prudent to get as many labels as necessary together with safety pins for hooking on to the furniture instead of adhesives that may cause scratches.

Standardizing the labeling


Having a standardized format of marking and labeling also ensures the move is made easier. For instance, you can opt to mark and label the items on a specific part to indicate where they will be moving to. Adding the room specification below the area you have already labelled is also essential. For example, the desk could be moved to your human resource department while the chair to the manager’s office. You can also tag using numbers so that everything remains organized. Since there will be items which have multiple assembling sections, you can assign them different numbers that will help you in determining which parts need to be joined first when re-assembling. For items such as computers and accessories, they should be stored individually, each having a label to ensure accountability for all the items.

Seek inventory help from employees

You should ensure that employees mark and label their items appropriately to avoid mix-ups by assigning different numbers. You can opt to do this by using their payroll numbers. They should also be well aware of all the items in their boxes and bags which they have recorded. This will ensure that on reaching the new location, retrieving the items for each employee can be done easily upon their verification.

File management

Ensuring that your cabinets are free from files is also essential during the move. All the files need to be placed accordingly so that once they arrive, they can be returned to their respective areas without mixing them up. If you have numerous filing cabinets, every one of them should be given a letter. Thereafter, you should proceed to mark and label all the files and then placed them in the boxes.

You should also take note of what is moving and that which is staying. For those that you intend to stay, they should be labeled with the word “stay” to prevent them from being packed with others. For those that you want to dispose of, they should be labeled with the words “trash”. In the same way, those that are leased should could contain the words “lease” so that the leasing agent can pick them up.

The process involved in moving commercial items is usually an intensive one. By seeking commercial movers in Long Island to assist in the process once all the stock is finished and ready to be moved, you can rest easy that all your items will be efficiently handled and will arrive at the new location safely.