Relocating is expensive, more so if you want to ensure that you move to your new destination safely and with your property in contact. However, that shouldn’t have to be the case. The following are ways to help you avoid incurring too much moving costs:


If the moving company does the packing for you, they will charge you based on the complexity of the job, and the kind of packing materials used. Do not forget that the items that demand special attention will require additional fees.

The only way to save on packing costs is to do it yourself. However, if you make mistakes while you are packing like improper packing, the movers will ask you to pack again and in case your packing boxes are not enough, they will provide additional ones at a cost. Here are ways to ensure that you do your own packing without any cost:


•Wrap the items that cannot be put into packing boxes – very large or irregular shaped items should be wrapped in plastic wrap to ensure adequate safety.

•Indicate the items of value – it is good to mention the items that of high value in the inventory list. If not, the moving company will not be responsible in case of any damage.

•Take several pictures – ensure that you take a lot of photos for every item that is going to be loaded in the moving company truck. This will act as your evidence, which will serve in your favor in case any damage occurs in the hands of the moving company.

•Don’t pack the non-allowable items- it is wise to request for the list of the items that are referred to as non-allowable by your moving company so that you are informed while packing.

•Don’t pack your items in plastic bags – plastic bags are slippery and easy to tear off when being moved. As a result, your movers will make you unpack your items into better packing boxes, but at a cost in case of any supplies you may require.

•Pack securely – this is to ensure that the delicate items that can break easily, do not break during their transportation

Custom packing service

This is a custom packing service that you can use in case you are in possession of irregular shaped items, but, which are of great value such as artwork. This is also applicable for delicate items. They can be safe in cardboard boxes cut apart or custom-built wooden crates. The crates and cardboard boxes should be filled with a form for better safety. Using custom made boxes will help you save by eliminating any chance of breaking any property.


In order to save on unpacking costs, do it yourself. This is because the moving company is going to charge you to unpack for you at your new house. That’s not all, if you want your things unpacked and rightfully placed in different parts of the house, it will be done faster, but at an additional fee.

To save on the additional unpacking costs, you can pay for the unpacking of the heavy stuff and do the rest yourself. This will actually give you ample time to decide on the new look for your house.

Disposal of packing materials

After you unpack, you definitely have no use for the packing materials. You can pay your movers an additional cost to dispose or take care of the packing materials for you. However, instead of incurring another cost, you can put them into other uses. You can as well keep them safe for future use.

Finally, another way to save while moving is to go for the reliable moving companies in Long Island. This is because with their experience, you are guaranteed of a safe move, which is another way to avoid extra costs with dishonest movers.