It is safe to say that very few people have mastered the art of moving. To the majority, moving can be very stressful and they hate the whole idea of packing and unpacking again. First of all, you need to ensure that you get the right residential movers in Long Island to ease your move in New York. New York is a busy city and you need qualified movers who know how to maneuver around the city to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible. This article will help you identify the common blunders people make when they move.

Not setting enough time to organize


If you are planning your first move, you need to ensure that you have enough time to plan ahead. It is usually recommended to start prepping as early as 10 weeks before the move day. There are situations where a person does not get enough time to plan for the move due to late working hours or a short moving notice.

The reason why you need so much time is so that you can have time to look for the best movers in your area. New York is known to have a lot of traffic and you need to book movers early enough to avoid last minute rush. You can use this time to slowly pack away your stuff and keep them for collection. Pack everything that you don’t need for the moment and leave only the essential stuff to last you until the move day.

Not checking references for a moving company

You should always take the time to have a background check for moving companies around your area. Have at least 5 moving companies in your list and do thorough reference checks before you finally settle on one. Just because a mover does not have any unresolved issues does not mean that they cannot encounter problems along the way.

There are numerous cases of items being broken or even stolen and you need to find out how a company handles such incidences so that you can prepare yourself in case such a thing happens to you. Once you settle for a company, give them a call so that they come in to give an estimate of the total cost of the move.

Not asking the right questions of the movers

Before you sign any contract with the movers, there are facts that you need to clarify before you hire a company. Ask for their estimates to evaluate how much the move will cost you. Ask if there is insurance to cover your property in case it gets lost or damaged. Check for any hidden charges in the contract that you may not be aware of. Always ensure that you check the items in the inventory are accurate and then recheck when they arrive at the final destination. Do not sign until you establish all the property is accounted for.

Not sorting items before packing

The other reason why you need to start packing early is so that you can have time to go through your stuff and sort them out. Most people make the mistake of carrying things that they don’t really need which will end up in the garage instead. It is better to sort things out and donate them to charity. Some moving companies charge according to weight, so that means you also get to save moving charges.

Stipulating less time to pack your items

When you rush packing, chances are high that you may end up forgetting some items. You don’t get enough time to pack delicate stuff properly so chances of fragile items breaking increases. Make sure that you have enough packing materials to ensure everything is safely transported.