Plenty of time is spent in preparing and organizing a move, including the act itself. Several months of planning are usually needed to ensure the move is seamless, especially if it is going to be a big one. Thus, time management becomes a crucial factor which needs to be dealt with delicately to avoid mix-ups and stress. To enable you to have an easy move while on a tight schedule, there are several things that can be done.

Organizing the move with a moving company


A well-organized move makes the process easier, especially with a moving company. Doing it yourself is an option but seeking help from the professional is a huge factor to consider to lessen the burden. You can simply request for a quote from the moving company by filling in a non-binding quote to enable you plan on how to meet the cost.

Extra help from your social circle

Unless you are planning a large move, you can opt to ask assistance from friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors who can avail themselves on the move day. Thus, this should be done as early as possible to ensure their availability especially important if they go to work and need to reschedule to provide assistance.

Assess your move

Assessing your belongings is always advantageous. By doing this, the planning process is made easier. You can jot down the deadline for switching the utilities, the necessary documents to get from school, the doctor or vet, what you plan on moving with, what you intend to relocate, and whether you require to cancel or seek new subscription services. Also, you should plan to reschedule any upcoming appointments and meetings which you had pre-planned with people.

This list should also encompass what tasks should be done on which day or week. Emphasis should be placed on the more important things and the timeline required to do it. You can even break it down further by categorizing what needs to be accomplished on an hourly basis to assess the progress being made.

Packing supplies

Having planned on what you want to move, you can then decide on what packaging materials will be used. Getting the correct type and amount of material supplies will be easy if you have made the proper calculations. To avoid instances where you have many unused packing supplies or have to make last minute purchases because of poor planning, you can seek assistance from a moving company to a help in the calculations.

Once this is done, purchases of the materials should be done immediately. If possible, making only one trip to the store to buy them will ensure that you save time. If you cannot plan adequately for this, then the moving company can also assist you.


Labeling the boxes and cartons will also ensure that you pack well and smart. This will ensure that you know what is contained in which box and to which room it belongs. This will eliminate the problem of having to check every box to get what you are looking for thus wasting time.

Filing and floor plan

Records such as those of the school, employment, the bank, insurance and the doctor should be put in files categorizing them into the relevant institutions.

Having a floor plan will ensure that as the cartons and boxes are being unloaded from the track, they will be taken to the respective rooms to which they belong. Alternatively, labeling or numbering the doors in your new home will make things easier. As you unpack, you can know which item goes to which room since they all have numbers labelled on them.

Even with a tight schedule, it does not mean the move should be stressful. Seeking professional assistance for your residential moving in Long Island can make things much easier and smoother. So if you are planning to move, let professionals take the load off your back.