Your Guide For A Successful Business Relocation In New York

Everyone dreads relocation, more so if it is in New York. This is because it is strenuous, expensive, time consuming, and sometimes it can be disappointing. In the case of a business, it is no different. To make it worse, there is also a possibility of losing some customers because of inconveniences in terms of location. However, you cannot avoid relocating, especially when your business is growing and thriving at a very fast rate.

Still, you cannot avoid interruptions from the daily routine of your business. But, there are ways to ensure that the relocation process is a bit simple. They will help to ensure that the interruptions are minimal, so that your business (the people and the equipment) can resume the normal schedule immediately after you relocate.

Update your prominent local listings, address, and the website

When most business people are relocating, they tend to forget or maybe assume one very important detail, to update their addresses, websites and other listings. They forget that New York is big! Updating your current address, business cards, stationery, social media platforms and website, therefore, will make it easy for your customers to know where to find you.

It also gives you an easy time while explaining to your customers your new location. It will be as simple a process as visiting your website and accessing the information of your new location and the address. The other major benefit is that there will be minimal chances of you losing your customers in the process.

Inform your employees


In as much as moving to a new place is physical, it is also psychological. What this means is that people need to adjust mentally that they are moving out. A business relocation is tough because it’s hard to sometimes accept change, regardless of the fact that it is inevitable. The move will take a toll on your employees and they therefore need to be psychologically prepared by informing them of the move well in advance. Don’t wait until two weeks before the move to tell them because that will be met with resistance.

It is, therefore, recommended to inform them at least a month or two months before so that they may prepare themselves physically too. Remember, it’s a new location, which could be inconveniencing to some employees in terms of distance from their area of residence.

Prepare the items to be moved

Preparation is then key to a successful relocation. In case of important information, ensure that you have a safe back up. For the computers and other electronics, they should be safely packed in their bags or boxes. The bags should be as well marked for safe packing, transporting and unpacking.

Further, remember the furniture should be properly disassembled and transported safely to the new location. They should be as well marked for easier packing and unpacking and also to avoid unnecessary losses.

Hire the right moving company

It is very responsible of you to ensure that you hire a trustworthy company when you decide to relocate. It is advisable to be sure that the person who is moving your most important equipment and files is worth of your trust.

The best option is to hire a commercial moving company here in New York with a good reputation. This is because they have the relevant technology, people and are fully aware of the processes involved to ensure an efficient relocation.

With the help of the above tips and also the best moving company in Long Island, you will have your business relocated in a simple, successful and the most cost effective way!

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