Wondering How To Move That Heavy Bookshelf?

A bookshelf, perhaps, is one of the heaviest stuff to take with you to a new place. They can be a burden for most movers not only because of their weight but because of the safety concerns they may bring during the move. How then can you make moving a bookshelf lighter than you have imagined it to be? The following tips will be of much help.

Get rid of those books


At least do that temporarily. Keep the books in a different box and not in your bookshelves when you are moving to another place. Doing this will somehow lessen the weight of the bookshelf and make it easier for you to transport all the reading supplies and stuff. You do not want heavy books adding to the weight of an equally heavy bookshelf. Of course, you do not want those books adding to the possibilities of the bookshelf falling to the ground. Take note too that books can also fall down and crumple once they fall down from those heavy shelves.

When deciding to move the bookshelves by yourself

Some of you would certainly want to try doing this task on your own. Once you decide to do the task all by yourself, you should remember to remove the books and dust off the bookcase just so no dust or dirt will get on you as you carry that heavy load. If the bookshelf is not really attached to that of the bookcase then that means you can remove them accordingly. If you feel like the shelves are too heavy for a one-person duty, then you can check if you can unscrew the furniture and disassemble the pieces. See if you can do the same thing to each of the shelves within that large, heavy bookshelf.

Once you have removed the parts and separated them, you can place them inside a large moving box or better yet separate each part and label them accordingly for each box so it would be easy to reassemble them later on. Make sure that you keep the screws in a plastic box and place the screw in the box where each part of the bookshelf belongs to. Moving blankets can be used to pack each part.

Deciding to move the bookshelves with the help of others

When a bookshelf remains heavy even after you have removed the books that once were placed inside it, then you might not really be able to move the shelf by yourself. Additionally, you will have the same predicament in case the bookshelf cannot be disassembled to smaller parts. It might be that the screws were stuck on each corner and are hard to remove or that the parts are also heavy for one person to carry.

When this is the case, what you need is help from other people in your home. Maybe, you are not the only strong person there is who is involved in the move. You may have an older brother who can offer his two hands to the job. Ask his help and lessen your burden right away.

Ask help from professionals

When you think your personal manpower in your home is not enough to carry that heavy bookshelf to your new place, then you can always ask the help of experts. Expert movers, have in their team, some individuals who will surely make carrying a bookshelf an easier task. When giving them a call, you have to be ready to state the dimensions of the bookshelf just so they can picture how to deal with getting it with your move later on. Feel free to ask a quote for such services.

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