What You Should Never Do When Moving To A New Home

Many times, when looking for moving guides, you will always come across tips that will remind you of what you should do when you are thinking of moving to a new place. It is very seldom that you will see reminders about what you should never do in the process. In this page, you will read about these things to help you avoid any major or minor disaster later on.

Place your mobile phone chargers in one of your packing boxes


You may say it would be easy remedying this problem especially if you have remembered you have indeed packed your chargers in one of those boxes. Provided you have labeled the box where the charger went but what if the box was already loaded in the van and it would be hard to bring it out already. What makes this scenario even worse is that you have sealed the box where it has been kept. Making it even worst is you run out of battery just in time when you are travelling to your new place. That could indeed be much of a hassle.

Forget about your pet

You are too excited for the move that you forgot about your pet dog or cat in your house. They end up running around your home just several hours before you leave and since you are busy with other essentials to the move, you would end up forgetting to find where they went. You have already driven several miles away and that is the only time you remembered them. That can be a total disaster. You might end up saying you can simply buy a new pet in your new place but of course, nothing beats the comfort that an old pet brings.

Never check on the size of the van

Your old house feels empty except for the few packing boxes laid down a specific corner in your living room. Now, you are ready to call in the moving company. So much anticipation fills your heart at the moment and you are delighted by the fact that you will soon be in your new home. When the moving van arrives, you realized that something was wrong. What could it be? It might either be seeing a van that is too small for all your belongings or one that is too big to carry your packing boxes. Both scenarios can mean more cost on your part.

Forget to check the proper directions to your new home

The moving van may take the lead as you take the trip to your new home. If you are driving your car then you might as well inform the company to go ahead of you. What if you get lost along the way simply because you were not keen enough to use your map or you did not even consider getting one for the trip? It would then be best to make sure you are just a few vehicles behind the moving van to avoid this from happening. Make sure though that the driver knows how to get to your new place.

Clutter up your new home

What if you are moving to a place that is smaller than the old one you used to live in? This can create such an eye sore. This could mean fitting in all those items in a place where they cannot be accommodated. It would then be best to know the floor area of your new home and compare it with the floor area of the previous home just to be sure you are making the right choice.

One more thing you should never do when moving to a new place is to leave all tasks to yourself. It would be best to ask the help of professional movers like a moving company in Long Island to help you with such a daunting job!

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