What You Might Often Forget To Include In Your Moving Checklist

You think you are more than ready to organize your move. You have listed the things you need in the process. Yes, you have prepared your checklist but are you sure you have completed it? Sometimes, there are things that you forget to include and those that you do forget are often the most essential ones. Revisit your checklist and see if you have included any of the following must-haves on it.

A timetable for the move

Your timetable is always an essential tool to make sure you will be able to prepare everything essential for the process. You need not actually specify the date if you have not made your mind about it. What is important is you write down a schedule, for instance around half a year to a year to be able to accomplish the entire job including the preparation, the move itself and the unpacking of your things when you get to your new place.

Informing financial institutions about your move

Why do they need to know you are moving to another place anyway? Think of this as the answer. You see, you give personal information to these institutions when applying an account with them. This personal information includes your current address. Now that you are moving to a new place, it is but imperative to inform them about your plan. This is the best way for them to make sure that their correspondence will reach you even when you are no longer living in the same place.

Looking for home insurance


You are moving to a new home. With that, you have to make sure that the new property is secured at all times. It is not that you are thinking of the move on the pessimistic side. It is just a matter of giving yourself an assurance that you are now living in a safe place. With this said, applying for a home insurance would be recommended.

Updating your personal information with all other agencies

You may need to update your driver’s license and all other records so that your new address will be indicated therein. You can do this several days before the move or days after you have reached your new place. You can simply give these agencies a call or change your address online if they allow you such access.

Consuming anything else that is left in the freezer

If you forget you are moving to a new place in a day or two and you ended up buying stocks that should be placed inside the freezer, you should be able to consume them just before the move. You would not want packing food and including them in the moving van on the day of the move. Remember that food cannot be placed inside the freezer all at once as you get into your destination. You may need to wait for a day or two before switching on your freezers when you are already in your new home.

Getting help from a moving company

Many of you would resort to doing the move all by yourself. You may have not considered including this in your checklist simply because you think you can do things on your own. You feel like asking help from these experts is a total waste of time. Well, there are parts of the move where your time and effort will be needed. But of course, nothing makes the move better but s moving company you can trust.

When thinking of moving and storage in Long Island, you should consider hiring us for the job. We can help you make the entire process a breeze to handle for you.

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