Transporting Your Chandelier During A Move?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home. Choosing the right lighting source is essential as you would want it to flow seamlessly with the aesthetic of your house. Chandelier lighting, for instance, can provide two different functions inside your home or living room. The first is its ornamental aspect and this is easy to understand from its unique crystal lights that are simply works of art. Next, they can be combined with recessed lights or tract lighting, allowing even a smaller chandelier to light up your entire room.

Simply put, chandeliers are both elegant additions and centerpieces to one’s home. However, they may pose a challenge when you need to transport them during a move. Do not fret; here are some of the top tips to help you transport it safely in one piece.

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Procure and prepare a suitable crate

To start, you will need a shipping crate that is big enough to accommodate your chandelier. Inside the crate, ensure that there are four inches of free space at the bottom and around the sides. Next, you will need to cut two 1-by-1 lumber pieces to ensure that they are two inches shorter than the height of the shipping crate without its lid on. The third piece of lumber you are about to cut, must be able to extend one end to the other at the center top of the crate.

After which, proceed to affix two side pieces onto each sides of the crate at the center and insert screws along the lengths of each piece from the outside. Next, place the top piece above the ledge and screw it into position. This step requires you to screw down through the top piece as well as the top of the side piece. Do the same for the other side. By doing all these, you create a place that is viable for hanging your chandelier during transportation.

Making preparations for the chandelier

Start by removing the chandelier from the ceiling and retain the mounting hardware. Next, you will need to separate loose pieces such as finials, screws and hanging hardware – finish by placing them inside a bag. You will need to remove the crystals and wrap them tight with a packing tissue. Place these wrapped crystals into a bag as well. Finally, you can proceed to tape these bags into the crates and use packing tape to secure them to a corner to avoid touching the chandelier.

Hanging the chandelier

Using a rope, feed it through the chandelier’s mounting chain and wrap the rope around the mounting arm instead if there isn’t one – remember to tie the rope securely. Next, take the other end of the rope and tie it to the top piece of the crate and check that there is at least two inches of extra space between the chandelier and bottom of the crate. Wrap any excess wires and hanging chain around the hanging piece to secure everything during the transportation process.

Padding the chandelier

This is the final step and you will need to pad the chandelier to prevent it from coming into contact with any potential damage during the move. One of the common ways is to cover the chandelier with garbage bag at the sides and fill it with packing peanuts. You have to ensure that you move the packing peanuts around and in the bag sufficiently to ensure that all of the chandelier parts are separated.

When the bag is completely filled, it is time to tie it off. Next, fill the crate with packing peanuts again to avoid swaying of the chandelier. Close the crate by nailing the top on, and label the crate as fragile whilst showing which way is the right side up.

It is pertinent that you choose the right moving company in Long Island for total peace of mind when moving such a delicate piece. Call us today to find out more about our moving services.

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