Top 7 Types of Moving Boxes You Can Make Use Of Today

There is no doubt at all that you will use packing boxes at some point before, during and even after moving. You simply can’t do without them. They often go a long way to ensure your breakables and valuables move to where you are heading safely. But just how many types of moving boxes do you know?

Chances are, you do not know about all of them. That shouldn’t bother you at all but this is where you are wrong. Unknown to many people, there are several types of moving boxes, each designed to serve specific purposes when moving. The more you know about them, the more likely you are to move without hassles. Read on to find out more about the types of moving boxes available in the market today.

1.5 cubic foot cartons

Otherwise referred to as moving experts as book cartons, they happen to be the most popular moving boxes. They are ideal for packing small items such as canned goods, books, VCR tapes and other electronics. Note that cubic foot cartons also come in sub categories. There are 1.5 cubic foot cartons designed to pack edibles such as canned goods, medicine and fruits and the afore-hinted regular ones used to pack non-edibles. Note too that there are re-usable and non-reusable 1.5 cubic foot cartons.

3.0 cubic foot cartons


They are medium sized cartons, bigger and heavier than the above mentioned 1.5 cubic foot cartons. They are also a little bit costly. They are ideal for packing small outdoor tools, sizeable kitchen appliances, pots, electronic gadgets and lamp bases. They may be reused for moving purposes more than once.

4.5 cubic foot cartons

They are of course, bigger than 1.5 and 3.0 cubic foot cartons. That means that the items which go into them are also bigger. But that is not everything about 4.5 cubic foot cartons. Unlike what many people think, the weight of any item going into the 4.5 cubic foot carton should be minimal. In short, the bigger the packing box, the lesser the weight of whatever goes in it. Linens, curtains, non-hanging cloths and rags are just but some of the items you can pack in 4.5 cubic foot boxes.

6.0 and 6.5 cubic foot cartons

They are ideal for light yet bulky items such as blankets, stuffed toys and winter coats. They are sturdy to hold some unlikely items that may go along with the said bulky items. In other words, you can use the box to pack a few medium weight items like wooden sculptures.

Mattress cartons

It sounds strange but your bed may also have to be packed by a moving company. The same can be said about standard size cribs, water mattresses and sleep sofas. Mattress cartons simply come in handy when shipping goods. They are of course costly and most of them cannot be reused for the same purpose. Note that mattress cartons come in a wide range of sizes.

Mirror cartons

They come in a wide range of sizes just like mattress cartons. They can be reused as they come in pieces that can be easily fitted together. Mirror cartons also happen to be strong and flexible, a factor that explains why they are ideal for packing breakables.

Wardrobe boxes

They are the largest moving boxes you can come across. They can either be laydown or stand up boxes depending on whatever the box is packing. They are designed to pack items that need to be shipped or moved the same way they are. In other words, hanging clothes will stay hanging in these wardrobe boxes just like how they will hang in your wardrobes.

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