Simple Ways Of Packing Your Christmas Decor Before Moving

If you have ever moved before, then you know for a fact that moving during winter is not easy. It gets worse with the fact that one has to pack delicate Christmas décor a day or two before moving, something that is clearly time consuming. So just what does it take to pack the said delicate Christmas and other winter décor? It sounds easy. But it isn’t. It is in fact, a little bit costly. That is if you have to buy the right boxes to pack them. There are however a few tricks that can come to your rescue. Read on to find out about them!

Round ornaments

This is where egg cartons and crates come into the picture. Stack the ornaments in the crates or dozen cartons with tissue beneath, between and on top to pad them. The cartons will go a long way to help you stay organized and ensure you do not lose even a single ornament. Alternatively, you can use plastic cups to pack the ornaments. They are in fact ideal for larger ornaments. All you need is glue and of course, tissue paper for padding the ornaments.

Beaded garlands

It is easy to lose them. They are small and light, which means one has to be extra careful when packing them. Plastic bottles can save you all the inconveniences that come along with packing them. Be sure to use clear plastic bottles or label the bottle you intend to use if it is not clear. That way you can have the garlands contained and tangle free. You will also protect them from items that can potentially damage them.



Wreaths are delicate. Everyone knows that. Preventing them from getting damaged or crushed is always an uphill task. First off, do not wrap your wreath in polythene bags. That will suffocate the flowers and weather them. Simply get sizeable carton boxes. Then while at it, not that crushing weight and friction can damage the wreaths if stored in the same boxes or containers, so store each wreath in a different container. Then get a bigger box and store all the wreaths in the bigger box. Put one wreath on top of another. That is referred to as double boxing. It is a perfect alternative to padding.

String lights

You know what happens to string light when they get tangles. You also know what happens to them when the bulbs break. They simply don’t light up. Take advantage of your hangers. Roll the string lights on your hanger gently. Be sure to avoid metal hangers. Stick to plastic and wooden hangers. Then ensure that the hanger is covered and padded. Use bubble wraps for this purpose.

Gift wraps

You can pack them with your eyes closed. All you need is a sizable box for them. Ensure that each gift wrap is neatly folded or rolled. Then keep in mind that you do not need to worry about storing new and unused gift wraps.

Extra tips for packing

There is so much you can do with just what you have at home to pack your Christmas décor before moving. It all boils down to safe storage. Keep in mind that you can always buy some packing boxes. There are packing boxes in most convenient stores for pretty much everything. Archival ornament storage boxes are for instance available in both big malls and convenience stores. The boxes feature acid free compartments for each ornament. They also block ultraviolet rays which can easily fade the ornaments stored in the box. Feel free to also enquire from your moving company if they can offer you more packing supplies for your decorations.

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