What Are Protective Moving Supplies?

Moving supplies make packing and organizing things easier. Use moving boxes and you can have a right tool to keep those valuables. Get packing tapes and all your treasures can be kept accordingly. Among these moving supplies, however, there are items that can be used for your protection. Learn about what they are and how they can help ‘protect’ every aspect of the move.

Special glass and dish packs


Your valuables are definitely made from different materials and when fragile items are involved, you can make use of special glass and dish packs that will protect such items. As the name implies, you can use them to protect your dishes and glasses, including valuables that have been made from fragile glass.

Surface protective moving supplies

Apart from basically considering specific protective moving supplies for your fragile items, you would also want to consider surface protective moving supplies, whose main task is to prevent your items from scraping and eventually scratching each other. If surface protection is what you want, then the best moving supplies to consider in your list are packing paper and bubble wraps. These supplies are available in different sizes thus giving you a specific one that will match the size of the objects you will pack.

Some surface protection supplies like furniture pads and packing paper require special packing tricks. These two can work well with what is called the wrap and roll method. How is this done? This packing protection technique can be simply done by laying out sheets of packing paper. From there, each item should be placed on the center. Take three of the outer corners and pull them to the object that is placed on the paper’s center. Roll the item up going to the remaining corner before packing them inside the box.

Cushioning protective moving supplies

Foam sheets and furniture pads are included in this list. These two provide cushioning and gives a protective layer not just at one side of a valuable but also all around that item. Cushioning supplies are most favorable if you do not want any of your items breaking during the move. Remember that those who fail with getting cushioning supplies should expect their objects to cause damage upon each other. Blame that on the weight of the object and not actually the items that you put all around one object. Take note that cushioning supplies work well with a firmly-packed box.

Voidfill protective moving supplies

Voidfill protective moving supplies work on areas where surface and cushioning supplies cannot reach. As the name implies, these moving supplies will fill the void or empty space within the box. These protective items are expected to fill in the gaps where the first two supplies have left off. What sorts of moving supplies can you use in this regard? You may ask.

Well, you will surely be surprised to find out that you no longer need to purchase any additional supplies that will help with voidfill. You can simply use your blankets, pillow cases and towels to provide protection for items with gaps in between them. However, if you do not have enough of those items to help fill in the gap in every box, it would be good to invest in large bubble wraps or packing paper. You can use either of these options but make sure that the empty space is indeed filled for your valuables’ utmost protection.

Moving supplies can be a great help when it comes to packing all your valuables. Protective moving supplies such as the ones mentioned above will certainly be great to add in your list. To make the move even more secure, simply call us for help. We assure you that we will carry your items safely from one place to another.

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