How To Prep Your Computer For Moving


Any modern household has at least one computer system, whether it is in the form of a desktop or laptop; it is an essential item for the tech-savvy. So what happens if they need to be moved to a new location? They can’t possibly move their desktops as a whole – it is practically impossible and would also be an inefficient way of doing things. In this case, professional movers should be called in. And they would also be a good choice if you want your move to be smooth and professional. However, the homeowner must also know what to do in terms of preparing for the move. If you are in need of some moving tips for your computer, read on to find out more!

Ensure a proper shutdown is carried out before the packing begins

If any of your electronics were previously subjected to an improper shutdown, you need to switch them on again and perform a proper shutdown. This way, when you turn them on after the move, you will not wrongly blame your movers for damaging your goods, avoiding an embarrassing misunderstanding. Make sure everyone acknowledges that your computers are working fine beforehand and even put it on written agreement if necessary. It is a good practice to backup all your important software and files into an external hard drive. If you don’t have one, you can easily purchase one from your nearest computer hardware store and they are pretty affordable too!

Label your cables

Computers come with a crazy load of cables that can sometimes be hard to track which is for which function. It is even harder if you took them out previously and have to assemble it back at a later time. Hence, use masking tape to mark your cables to indicate their specific purpose would serve to be of great use. You can also add some matching color marks to make the identification process a breeze. If you want to make your labeling process a little bit more professional, you may use cable marking tape. Try to tidy up the mess with the use of cable ties; you can cut them open once you are ready to unpack in your new home.

Pack computer components separately

Remember, your monitors must not go into the same box with your desktop tower. Your laptops should also be left alone in its respective boxes and there should be no sharp or hard objects to compromise its safety. Make sure that they are kept upright at all times, which means you may have to use Styrofoam frames – like those you see in Television boxes – to keep it supported in an upright position. The more it is supported, the less it can shift around.

Mark computer boxes as fragile

If you don’t mark your fragile boxes, it might end up getting mishandled. Make sure movers know that there are fragile contents inside and they can stack them up above heavier boxes or be inserted last into the designated transport vehicle, to stay out of harm’s way. Many parts of your computer are fragile and you need to draw the right attention to such packages. The fragile marks aren’t going to give those boxes some sort of special handling procedure but at least movers are cautious when handling them.

Inform your movers about special instructions

You might understand your computer better than anyone else, and you know what ticks and what doesn’t. Hence, don’t be afraid to sound out as it is important to let them know what you want from the move. This way, you create a two-way working relationship and the whole moving process can be done more efficiently.

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