Opportunities That Come With Moving: Donating To Charity

You do not need to wait till you have the financial capability to buy expensive clothes and fancy cars, indulge in fine dining and afford exotic getaways. Although there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with some rewards for all the hard work you have done, have you ever thought of using your hard-earned dollars to reward someone else who is in need instead? If you feel like being part of the giving trend, here are some more reasons to fuel your decision of making a donation to charity for a worthy cause.

Enjoy tax deductions

moving and storage

When packing, you may realize that there is a bunch of stuff that is worth more than being carelessly discarded. You may consider setting a mini garage sale and help your items find a new owner. Once you made the sale, consider donating the proceeds to charity. The money you donated to charity can be used as a deduction on your tax returns – applicable in the United States. This is definitely a nice bonus for anyone. Be sure to keep proper records of all property and money you donate to be able to itemize appropriately on your tax forms.

Feeling of gratefulness

When you donate to a charity of your choice, you will tend to feel a sense of gratefulness. You will be glad that you are granted with life’s essentials such as clean water, which can be used to cook, drink and bathe at your own free will. Try preparing supply kits that can be sent to disaster areas and you will be reminded once again how blessed you and your loved ones are to have emergency supplies on hand as well as a safe home to live in. Don’t forget that you can still write a check for a charitable organization that helps people who are in need, even if you are not donating food to a local food bank.

Doing something for the greater good

Although donating small amounts of money at a time may not produce such a huge effect, the potential of your donation grows if it is combined with others. For instance, you may discover or learn more about the children in Haiti who need to fetch water out of a dirty source for survival and you may head on to charitable organizations like water.org. At websites like these, you may choose to make donations to a particular well in a certain village – the progress of the charity’s goal can be tracked from the portal. In fact, many organizations today allow donors to see how their initial donation makes a difference in the bigger picture.

Nice way to feel generous

One of the ways to increase your capacity for love is to give others. This action will allow you to realize that you are still able to share with others even though you don’t have much to start with. According to studies done in the past, analysis has shown that the poor tend to donate more of their income that the affluent. Even if the things you donate are simple such as new shoes, used clothes or money, these are enough to make you feel rich in a good way.

Joining a meaningful cause

Certain charity foundations need money to conduct research in order to cure diseases. There are also other non-profit ones that aim to help diverse groups of people who have specific needs. When you are about to move, you may find a sports bicycle that has been tucked into a corner in your storage room and has been out of sight for a while. You might be aware than some people join bike races to support charitable causes and you can be one of them today.

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