An NY Moving-In Guide: 6 Life Lessons In New York You Can’t Learn From Anywhere Else

Moving to the Big Apple? Hear what the people, who may be just like you, have to say about life in New York. This may sound like a mini-ranting session but these are actually valuable life lessons that you can’t learn from anywhere else. Whether you are moving here for academic or professional reasons, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the new surroundings and be prepared for what’s coming ahead. After you are done with this article, you can be sure that you will be walking away with 6 new life lessons!

Advice for party-goers: Don’t pay more than you should!


If you try to get in a club during the weekends or in fact, any other day, you will be quickly surrounded a huge following of beer and alcohol promoters. They are unlikely to subside until you agree to take up one of their offers – you may most likely end up paying for a pricey bottle. However, if you plan to enter the club and drink for free, it is important to establish closer relationships with one of those promoters. They can help you get free entry as well as the chance to drink for free!

Meeting one of the most hardworking groups of people in the world

And they are the Mexicans! They are considered to be one of the most hardworking groups of individuals here in New York. They work in jobs that most people shun away from because of low wages and their working hours are crazy throughout the week! However, the money they earn is not for their own enjoyment as they send it back to their families who live far away. You will learn the meaning of courage, respect, diligence after witnessing them in action.

Taking downtown bus lines? Maybe not…

It is fine when you want to take the bus to travel uptown. But things get worse if you are trying to travel downtown via New York’s bus system. Immigrants may experience a culture shock as the tickets may be overpriced and the frequency of each bus arrival is significantly longer. Hence, many people feel that they are better off walking to their destinations! Why not? It is an affordable, healthier and interactive way to experience the Big Apple!

Learn how not to get picked on

If someone feels that they can push you around, trust me, they will! Hence, one of the best ways to prevent that from happening is to look and behave like one of them. At least put your game face on when you are around people like the aforementioned – giving them that killer look. However, please adapt well to your surroundings and act appropriately. You do not want to end up giving the wrong impressions to potential friends and acquaintances.

Dating tips

Everyone’s schedule here in New York is out of the world and hectic. It is very difficult to find friends and potential mates who share the same schedule as you. They may be working odd hours and at irregular intervals. That makes it hard for everyone to arrange social meet ups and gatherings. If you are really keen on find a date in the Big Apple, be sure to find someone whose schedule is as close as yours.

Value the importance of saving

Ever heard of the story about the grasshopper and the ant? The ant works hard every day to stock up on food and supplies while the grasshopper lazes off and remains complacent until the day disaster struck. That’s right, you will learn the importance of saving up for a rainy day and saving up in New York is really challenging.

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