Moving: Are You Doing It Wrong Due To All These Mistakes?

Inadequate research and overspending are the two common mistakes when people are moving to a new home in New York State. You don’t want to fall a victim, so it is important to avoid these mistakes at all cost. You should note that although moving can be daunting, it does not necessarily have to be so. So, below are the most common mistakes to avoid:

Spending beyond the budget


It is prudent to be aware of hidden costs when buying a new home. So, it is important to consider some of the financial obligations that may go beyond the mortgage and add to the cost of buying a home. They include utilities, city taxes, maintenance and insurance among others. And don’t forget the updating expenses like plantation shutters or granite countertops.

Lacking a household inventory

You may want to use video, photos or a notebook to document all your valuable items. This comes in handy especially when you are to file a claim if your valuables are lost or damaged. Don’t forget to store the inventory on a thumb drive or a moving file. You can even send a copy to a member of your family or a close friend.

Not researching your new community

You need to do your homework to research the real estate listings and also to learn about the neighborhood, new home, crime rates, school ratings, local amenities and so forth in the area. The internet is a wonderful resource for this. And you can also talk to some of the parents in the new community so that they can give you firsthand insight on issues that are very important to you. And it is important to understand the place both by day and night before you choose to move in.

Failing to check how boxes are organized

When people are moving, they don’t check how the boxes are organized. And one of the moving mistakes is placing items such as the lawn equipment next to boxes that contain valuables in the moving truck. It is imperative for you to keep an eye on the people packing for you. Professional moving companies don’t have a problem with this but those who do it on their own are likely to make this mistake.

Failing to label wires once electronic equipment are dismantled

It is not a joke; you need to take a photo of the connections as this will save you a hassle later. And don’t forget to put the wires in a single box, and label it. You need to know how to reinstall the kid’s computer games. In fact, it is a lifesaver!

Moving all belongings

You don’t have to carry everything with you to your new home. There are items that need to be disposed off especially if they are not going to be used any time soon. And you can pack your storage bins and suitcases as if you are only going on a short vacation. The trick is to include basics for the first few days and separate other items into sections of sell, donate, keep and discard, just before packing.

Not working with the experts

Although you want to save on money when moving, chances are high that if you don’t contact the experts, these mistakes may happen. It is important to consult with the moving experts for some advice or hire the services for the same. If you are planning to move to any place within New York, make sure that you contact us at All The Right Moves. We will make sure that your move is a stress free and successful one!

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