Moving Your Treadmill in New York?

With an increase in the interest in staying healthy by many people in New York, an increasing number of households these days own one or more treadmills. These give one the opportunity to work out without having to go to the gym, and are usually very convenient especially for the very busy people. However, what happens when you need to move it? The fact that treadmills are heavy and expensive and yet in some cases a bit delicate means that moving them requires paying special attention to a few issues in order to get it right. Some of the things you should definitely do in order to get it right include:

Preparing it for the move


Before moving the treadmill, you need to make sure that it’s well prepared for the process. This usually means unplugging it, and also removing the security key if it has one. Depending on the brand of treadmill you have, you may also find that it has a few removable parts. It would be wise for you to remove these and transport them separately, but only if you are sure you can put them back together again easily. Doing this reduces the weight of the treadmill, and also makes it easier to manoeuver through passages such as doors. The other aspect of preparation involves making sure that the path you are going to use is clear of any obstacles that might complicate the process.


When moving the treadmill from one room to another in a house, you only need to roll it since a large number of them come with wheels for this. However, when you need to move it a longer distance across New York, it will make a lot of sense for you to get the right packaging for it. Insulation is particularly important to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive parts of the treadmill such as the screen. It also reduces the risk of cosmetic defects such as nicks.

Physically moving the treadmill

In order to understand why it’s a good idea to get outside help in moving the treadmill, you only need to think about the design of such items. Since they are designed to help people exercise by running on the spot, the treadmills have to have a heavy base to reduce the risk of wobbling.

This then means that invariably, all treadmills tend to be heavy which makes moving them a risk especially if you don’t know how to go about it. Some of the risks you can face when doing this include having a back injury when you try to lift it, as well as dropping it on extremities such as your foot or your fingers. If you are moving within New York, a company such as All The Right Moves Ltd would be your best choice. They have specialized in moving all types of goods, so you can be sure that they will come in handy in helping you move your treadmill with ease as well.

Don’t forget insurance

As has been stated, treadmills tend to be expensive, especially if you buy one of the modern ones. For this reason, you should always try to get some insurance for them when moving them. New York moving firms such as All The Right Moves Ltd makes it easy for you to get such services, so you should ideally use them for this reason. In addition to that, the fact that they have a very good track record in terms of safely transporting goods means that the risk of damage and loss will be minimal.

In summary, though moving a treadmill might at first seem like a complex issue, you only need to consider the above pointers in order to get it done.

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