Moving With Pets: How To Make It Easier For Both You And The Pet

Moving within New York is often thought of as a very complex process. Even if you are moving with a small number of items, it’s important to do all the necessary planning to get the job done on time. Moving with pets is particularly harrowing, since they have special needs that have to be taken into consideration. There are many times when problems such as losing the pet or having it fall sick during the move arise. Some of the helpful tips you can put in place to avoid this and also make the process easier include:

Sort out your veterinary issues in advance

If you are moving to a new neighborhood and have a number of pets with you, you will need to move to a new vet clinic as well. Always try to find out the different clinics you can use for this in the neighborhood. You would then need to talk to your current vet so that they can send your veterinary certificates and all other documentation to the location you are going to be in. This reduces the complexities that are normally associated with moving pets.

Get updated collars for the pet

Pets should have collars with details of your address and the location you will be living in by the time you start moving. This is especially important if you are using the mover to help you move the pets. This is important so that in case of any loss, anyone finding the pet will be able to contact you if they come across them.

Stock up on food and medication

In case it’s a long distance move (such as from New York to another state), chances are that you and the pets will be on the road for a few days unless you opt to use air transport. Stocking up on food and any other medication that your pet usually depends on is important. Remember, having to stop during the trip in order to find food for the pet can be a bit complicated. You may not be able to find pet food that your pet is used to, and in some cases the food you give it might end up making it sick. Getting medication is important because there are some types that cannot be bought over the counter. Stocking up on them will reduce delays since you will not need to stop and start looking for the drugs during the trip.

In case you have to travel by air, find out what your obligations are

You should not assume that all airlines will allow pets on board with no questions asked. Some will require that you provide documentation such as proof that the pet is healthy, and some will even require you to pay an extra fee for this.  Before even booking the ticket, call the airline to find out what restrictions they have regarding this, and inform them that you will be travelling with your pet. They will provide guidelines on how to do the booking with this in mind.

Prepare the new location for the pet

Pets such as dogs will be apprehensive about a new environment, at least for a few days after you move in. Putting familiar objects around the house as soon as you arrive will go a long way in allaying such fears and making the pet more comfortable. This should be one of the first things on your agenda when you finally arrive in the new destination.

The above are helpful hints that will go a long way in making moving with pets a friendlier process for both you and the pet.

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