Moving Into A New Home: The Issue Of Locks

Moving into a new home may be quite a hassle if you do not plan things well enough. More importantly, you may constantly be worried about the security of your new apartment if you do not change locks. Apparently, many people may have copies of the keys to your new apartment or home for valid reasons. However, all the reasons may not be good.

That is why you need to change your lock when you move into a new home. When planning to move into a new house, you should be thinking about fixing the lock to make it a secure place when at work or out running errands. This will go a long way to ensure that the keys to your house do not end up in the wrong hands. Make a point of addressing the following when you move into a new house.

Old lock in your home

Old locks are usually worn off, low quality and very rusty. For a fact, it is hard to tell the number of times the locks may have been picked or broken to access an apartment. All in all, it is hard to gain enough confidence in the lock’s integrity if it is in a bad condition. Therefore, it is good to take the initiative to maximize security in your new home. Find high quality and secure locks to install them in your new home.

Other key copies


When you move into a new home, you may change the locks for security purposes. If at some point you feel a little suspicious about other people having copies of your key, you may consider the option of rekeying. Copies of your home key may be floating around even after installing a new lock. Therefore, do not hesitate at all to rekey. This will make it hard for anyone with ill-intentions to access your home when you are away. You also need to ensure the only people who can access copies of your apartment or home keys are family members you trust so much.

Door installation

Although door installation rarely happens when you move into a new home, it may be one of the reliable options for enhancing security at home. Some of the signs that you need to look out for to determine whether the door needs replacement include weak and warped door jambs, short strike-plate-screws and poor alignment of the strike-plate and housing mechanism. The installation of the lockset may also be poor making it hard for you to fit a new one as a replacement. In this regard, having a door installation will help you improve the current state of things. Though it may sound like much of an added expense, it is worth the price. So be less frugal in this scenario.

Key-control locks

If you happened to come across an apartment or a home with key-controlled locks, you may not have to worry a lot about security. This is because it is hard to make copies of all the original keys to an apartment. To enhance home security, you may consider rekeying all over again to make sure that you are the only one who can access your home. Alternatively, you may have a new lockset installation. When looking for moving companies in Long Island, you should also make a point of consulting them as they usually have contacts in the locksmith industry that can offer you effective and secure locksets.

Remember, the minute you take possession of a new home after moving, all responsibilities and decisions concerning the home lie on you. Therefore, do not allow burglary attempts to be the reason to consider home security measures. Install a new lockset in your home if the old lockset is not reliable at all. Finding good moving companies requires your effort. Put the same effort to ensure the home you move into is safer too!

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