Moving To Hyde Park? Here Are Five Important Tips To Consider!

With proper planning, moving to Hyde Park does not have to be a daunting task. You want to start making arrangements early to ensure that the process runs smoothly. And budget is an issue too, so make sure that you include this in your plan as well. Below are a few tips to help you make your move to Hyde Park a success:

Your calendar should be your friend


With this old school tool, you can start planning as appropriate. Set some reminders such as cancelling magazine subscriptions and the way to use up food from the fridge. Your calendar should be the tool to keep you from scrambling to get things done especially at the last minute. It also works wonders as it helps you work efficiently along the way. This should be considered a living document and make sure to add to it, and cross off all the accomplished tasks, frequently.

Get to know your new home

You should note that there are many ways you can use to get to know Hyde Park and the neighborhood even before you get there. One way is to contact the City Hall and request them to provide you with a new resident package. The sections of their website will give you an insight into where places of interest are located and where to get important information. There are also websites that are an important resource as they share information on how the neighborhood is desirable for incoming families and other information such as the neighborhood associations. Start early to find new veterinaries, plumbers, doctors and other important resources in that neighborhood.

Your timeline

Some moves will definitely take more planning and time. If you are currently an apartment dweller, there is no added stress of working hard to sell your current home while purchasing a new one. However, there are common to do things that you may have to face before you make your way to Hyde Park.

For instance, you will be required to drop by your local post office for a change of the address forms and also for moving guides. And this is also the time to check on a few things such as if your insurance company will cover your assets in transit and if your car and home policies will change when you move and so forth. Make sure you notify heat and gas companies, your internet providers and cable companies of your pending move.

The budget and paperwork

Don’t plan a move without a budget; you will feel the tweak later. You should note that expenses can creep in quickly, so it is important to keep a file for anything even if it is that small. You will thank yourself when the next tax season comes especially if most of these items can be written off. Therefore, it is important to account for everything including boxes, movers, packing paper and even the rug shampoo.

And don’t forget to account for things such as temporary storage for your goods (if you might not use them right away), temporary living arrangement, pet boarding, food and accommodation arrangements during transit, car service before the trip and short term housing among other things.

Don’t move what you don’t or won’t use

What is the need for moving anything you won’t need in your new home? Those items that have taken a year without being used should be disposed off during a garage sale. You can also donate items to the local charities as long as they are in good working condition. Others should be picked by the garbage collectors.

So, the time for your move to Hyde Park is ticking by? Contact us at All The Right Moves. Our trained and experienced team will be more than willing to make your move a success!

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