Moving House And Moving Glass Items Safely


Firstly, congratulations on getting a new house! You must be feeling the buildup of emotions as your moving date draws nearer. It will be good for you if start packing up early, clearing what you do not need, and sorting everything that you need in neat sections. It would not be ideal for anyone to rush only at the last minute, because you might just forget something that is very important. By the time you realize you are missing something, and return to your now vacated house only to find that the thing you are looking is lost for good.

Hence, get your hands on plenty of cardboard boxes whether they would be big or small, make a detailed checklist that is both legible to you and your movers, and also remember to pay attention to delicate items which are fragile. Examples of fragile items are china pieces, ceramic wares, lamps, wine glasses, or even delicate decorative ornaments. There are extra steps that you will need to take, in order to ensure their safety, from the start to end of your moving day. This article will share with you the things you will need to know to be able to do the above.

Stemware – Individual glass pieces that cannot be stacked

Since they are recommended to be in close with one another during a possible rocky move, it is best if you can get some cardboard separators from your movers. With that, you can arrange them neatly and spaced out among one another equally in a box. The result of it should like how beer bottles would arrive in their cartons. Remember to also stuff each stemware with paper stuffing for extra support, since the space where you pour in liquids is hollow. If you want to be super careful, insert your work of art into another container – like a cylinder container for example.

Lamps and any items that can be taken apart

If you have such items that you want to bring over, remember to dismantle whatever is available for you to do so. For example, remove the bulb and roll/wrap it using newspaper, this goes for the same for shade. After that, place both items (now wrapped separately) into a box that is filled with bite-sized foam bits. Finally, seal up the box adequately with the help of tape, and you are good to go!

Plates and picture frames

These items usually come to you as flat designs, and although it seems alright to stack as a pile in your packing box, never ever pack them like that! A light impact from a small drop is enough to shatter a few pieces. How to do it right for this package of items is to lay each piece on their sides, and you should see a horizontal row of items. If they were put to the test again, one or two minor chips will only surface as compared to the previous. This is because the current packing method allows each item to support its own weight.

For more tips, feel free to ask your mover early beforehand for any related advice and they may provide you with whatever you need at your convenience, to ensure a good packing experience for everyone.

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