Moving Your Furniture The Right Way

Whether you are moving to Hounsfield or Hopkinton in New York, moving furniture can be a big job than you may think. There is need to consider a few things and also follow some expert tips in order to avoid damage and hassles. You should note that it is important to engage a professional mover in this exercise, but if you want to do it yourself, make sure that you follow these tips:

Carry tall items both high and low


Items such as a filing cabinet, tall dresser and shelving unit are awkward to handle. You need to make it a two person task such that once you tip the item at an angle, one person carries the top, while the other takes care of the bottom. Apart from centering the weight, this also keeps your furniture from swinging out of control. This will make it even easier transporting the item down stairs.

Hook your chairs around the corners

Larger chairs can be tricky to move, so you need to hook them around corners. You want to slip it through the door, so you need to turn it until it looks liken an ‘L’ and then move it back, first. The next thing is to curl the chair around the frame of the door and then slip it through.

Stand couches on end

Maneuvering a couch down a hallway may not be possible if you carry it horizontally. It is even worse to maneuver it through the door. You need to place it on its end way before you enter the hall way, and then slide it to the door way. If your couch is taller than the door opening, you need to gain some inches of clearance by starting the top away from the door.

Shoulder dolly

Lifting and moving straps take weight off your back because they rely on leverage and large muscle groups. Also, they leave your hands free, so you can maneuver awkward items with your hands. But they can be a bit tricky especially on stairs because the weight will shift to the downhill mover. You can also use lifting straps because these are easy to adjust for different length objects. They are great for moving on surfaces that are flat in nature.

Slide your items – don’t carry or drag

Today, there are different kinds of furniture sliders that you can take advantage of. And you can also make your own sliders from the Frisbees, plastic container covers, moving blankets, carpet remnants and towels. If you are to slide your item on a carpet, it is prudent to use a hard, plastic slider. Soft and padded sliders are great for hard flooring.

Use moving blankets and plastic

You want to use moving blankets to help in protecting the items you are moving. You can buy a few and always have them on hand. They come in handy to prevent damaging the fragile edges and the finish of tables, dressers and other furniture. You will wrap your furniture completely and secure the blankets with stretch film.

Plan where it lands

Since you are moving to a new house, you need to decide beforehand which item will go where. So, sketch a floor plan of each room and measure the furniture to create a good layout. And as you move the items in, you will be able to place them in the correct spot and you won’t touch it again.

If you are looking to move to any location in New York, it is also very important to consult the professionals for advice. At All The Right Moves Ltd, we offer quality moving services within the entire New York State. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your moving needs.

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