How Do You Make Moving Easy Breezy For Your Young Ones?

You are thinking of moving to another place. From that point when you are conceptualizing about it, you begin assessing the things you need in the move. However, you may often miss one vital component in the move and we bet most parents have missed on such aspect too. What can that be? It would be the fact that you do not involve your young ones in the process.

Your kids, remember, are vital to the move because just like you, they will certainly need to adjust to the new environment later on. This is the reason behind why you should involve them in the whole thing. The question now is. How can you make the move easy, breezy for your young ones?

Allow them to create a wish list

A wish list is definitely much needed when you are deciding where to move or what house you should consider in your list. Ask the kids what they want in the new home and include every single detail of what they are dreaming of in that wish list. Do not be surprised if they suggest you go for a new home with either a basement playroom or a bigger backyard. Of course, young ones want more playtime and these wishes could be a way to make their dreams come true. Ask them if they want to have separate rooms, that is, if you have more than one kid in your family.

Start looking for a house with them

You have involved them already in the wish list. Once that list is ready, then you are prepared to scout for a new home – with them of course. Involving them in this aspect will make them look forward to the move and will certainly erase all the apprehensions they have with the new environment. In case you are making a search from your computers and your kids are in school while you are house-hunting, it would be good to bookmark those searches. Show them off to your kids once they get home.

Allow them to design their new room

In case your kids have opted to have separate rooms with you and you have already seen a perfect home to transfer to, then you can still ask their help particularly on that part when they should redecorate or redesign their room. Allow them to express their thoughts and create their visuals so you can translate them into reality later on.

Hand them treasure boxes

February 89, 2010 - Packing

Moving boxes and all other moving supplies are but important in every move. Basically, you are advised to pack and organize items inside these boxes. If you want to involve your kids in the whole thing, you can give them their own boxes too. Allow them to take these small boxes with them so they can keep all their treasures close to them during the move.

Make them see friends before the move

Sometimes kids have what we call separation anxiety. In this instance when you have decided to move to a new place strange to them, one of the best things to help them adjust is to make them see friends before the big day. Seeing friends will allow them to say their goodbyes and will somehow give them the reassurance that they can still be in contact with their friends even when they are far away.

Allow them to say their goodbyes

This is not to be said only to friends but also the home that you will soon be leaving behind. Capture every moment during that farewell and keep them in a memory book.

Kids do not want the stress that comes with moving. They hate the thought of leaving an environment they have been used to. The idea will definitely suck for them. Lighten their load and involve them in the move. Make sure though that you will not overburden them with the idea. You can ask our help in facilitating the move.

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