Learn How To Ask the Right Questions Before Hiring A Mover!

If you are planning to relocate to a new neighborhood in New York, it is about time to consider hiring the services of a professional moving company. Once you are ready to hire a mover for your upcoming move, be prepared to engage them in a conversation. Therefore, part of your preparations should involve having a ready list of questions you intend to ask the moving company you are considering for hire. The following are some of the important questions you may need to ask your mover, including:

• What is the name of your company, its address and phone number?

It is important to deal with a company that has a name. It is equally important to ask about the phone number, street address and URL. Furthermore, find out from the service provider whether they have a valid license and insurance. You can double check the validity of the license by checking with the local licensing authority website. Check the company’s website, make sure the company name, physical address, and phone number match with the documents issued by the moving company.

• Do you subcontract?

It is advisable to deal with the moving company directly as opposed to a broker. Bear in mind brokers cannot give a binding estimate. Furthermore, brokers cannot be held liable for damage or losses. Therefore, it is important to know exactly who will be relocating your valuable items. This is particularly the case if you are planning to move during peak season. Most of the movers engage other companies to help them out during these times. If you discover your move will be handled by a broker, make sure to confirm whether they are in possession of a valid license and the extent to which they will be liable for losses or damage.

• What is your process of estimation?

If you take the time to shop, you will discover different moving companies offer different methods for providing quotes. Many of the reliable moving companies want to undertake an onsite assessment in order to determine the weight and bulk of their customers’ possession before issuing a quote. For long or large distance moves, it is advisable to ask for an on-site estimate because this is the surest way of getting an accurate price estimate or quote.

During an on-site estimate, make sure to inform the estimator about goods that you are planning to leave behind, sell or donate. Furthermore, inform the estimator about items that are bulky or unusually heavy. Be wary of service providers who purport to offer quotes via the phone or email. Moreover, when an estimate seems unreasonably low, it is time to reconsider your choice of moving company.

• Is your quote binding or non-binding?

The quote is issued once an assessment of the items has been undertaken, taking into consideration the weight of the items, the space they will take up in the truck and mileage. Some moving companies issue binding quotes, which means the price remains the same regardless of any changes. On the other hand, non-binding quotes can be reviewed upwards or downwards depending with the changes. If issues of stair charges, appliance charges, long carry charges, storage charges, parking charges, appliance charges, fuel charges and charges for extremely heavy or awkward items apply- you can expect to face additional charges.

• Can you furnish me with references?

It is advisable to deal only with movers who can provide you with the contacts of at least a dozen legitimate references. Ideally, the best references are the repeat customers. Make sure to contact these references to find out their experience in the hands of the service provider.

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