Is It Raining When You Are Moving House?

Moving house can be a fun adventure for some people, and can be a downright nightmare for others. The key lies in planning, and some variables that you cannot control. If you plan the move properly and work with experienced contractors, it is still possible to make the move easier even with the unpredictable variables.

One of these is rain. Of course, there are some seasons when it’s known to rain, and you can avoid to move at this time and instead choose to move during the summer. However, due to global warming, weather patterns might be a little more difficult to predict, and you may find it raining despite it being summer. If unexpected rain happens when you are moving, there are a few changes you might need to make in order to continue with the move rather than stop it and start another day. Remember, it’s better to get it over with once and for all rather than to keep postponing. Some of the tips include:

Have the lorry packed as close as possible to the house 

The vehicle that you are using to move should be packed as close as possible to the house. This is to reduce how much the items will be rained on when being moved from the house to the truck or other vehicle. This can also make work much easier, so the movers will be able to move more goods within a shorter time.

Create an overhead makeshift shelter

If this is not possible, you could create a makeshift shelter that protects the path from the house to the vehicle from rain. The best material for this is tarpaulin, though you can use other materials that will not let water through. Be careful when you are putting up the shelter, since water may accumulate on it and the increased weight could make it collapse.

Reinforce your boxes 

This is usually the mandate of the moving company if you are using one. However, when it’s raining, you can request them to reinforce the boxes containing your items. For instance, they can add more tape to the box containing clothes so that no leakage into the box occurs. For boxes that have more sensitive material such as expensive electronics, you can have them covered in polythene or other material that will ensure that water simply slide off the side of the box. This might increase the time it takes to move, it will be worth it particularly if the rain is intense.

Prepare your destination house for the move


When doing residential moving in Long Island, also consider the house you are moving to. Once you get there, you need to put measures to prevent making the floor muddy. One way to do this is by laying down sheeting in the paths where the movers are likely to use. It’s very important that this sheeting should not have very little friction. Otherwise, the combination of muddy shoes and a frictionless sheeting will increase the risk of falls by the movers. Damage to the item they are carrying can be painful particularly if it’s something as precious as a TV.

These are just some of the tips that can make moving in the rain less stressful. If your moving contractor is a professional, then you don’t really need to worry since they will implement the above and more to ensure that the moving process is as smooth as possible. As usual, if you are driving one of the vehicles that has goods you are moving, remember to drive slowly when in the rain. The extra weight will influence the driving dynamics of the vehicle and might increase the risks of an accident.

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