How To Smarten Up Your New Office Space

Picture this. A desk full of clutter with pieces of paper not just piling up inside your drawer but also sticky notes stuck in front of your computer. This is certainly a total disaster. Now that you are moving to a new place in New York, you may want to make the move even more worth it. Today is the perfect time for you to think of ways on how you can smarten up your new office space.

De-cluttering is also important


De-cluttering would mean organizing your things before the move. Keep files that are most recent and are still needed. Throw away any that is obsolete. If you want the environment to benefit from this endeavor, though, you can keep old papers in a separate box then reuse them later on when needed. These old documents can be good for taking notes during meetings. You can also digitally archive them.

Consider disposing old pieces of bulky furniture

You may have a large desk in the past. This is the same reason why you have had enough space with which you can pile up papers and put even the most unnecessary items on your desk. Why not leave those bulky furniture pieces behind and sell them at a lower cost so you can purchase smaller items that are sleek yet big enough to contain all items that need to be on the desk. Look for desks that offer more storage solutions so there is some place where you can pile up office essentials in the future.

Include a ‘smartening’ time to your schedule

Often, commercial moving would end up with unpacking things that should now form part of your new office space. Well, this should not be the case. You have to make sure your schedule includes a time to smarten up the whole office. You have to consider how much time it will take for you to finish the job not only as quickly but also as neatly as possible. The schedule should be set a day after your planned move to the new place.

Organize paperwork or documents using folders and some other essentials

In connection with de-cluttering your new office space, it would be good to pile your papers in folders that are labeled accordingly. These folders should be kept inside a filing cabinet, an extremely helpful traditional storage space to get things organized. If you do not have one, you have to make sure that these folders have a size that will fit inside your table’s drawers. If not you can consider putting up some wall shelving on that vacant corner in your new room.

Add some touch of class into the room

Smartening up is not all about de-cluttering and organizing. It is also about spicing things up by adding suitable decorations in the room. We are emphasizing on the word ‘suitable’ in here to make you realize that not all kinds of decorations would go well inside the office. You certainly want to make the new place as cozy as possible especially that you are required to make adjustments into this new environment. Keep it simple yet heartwarming.

Remember to involve expert commercial movers in this endeavor

That sounds a bit off beat but the truth is that hiring commercial movers will help you do the job. How is that possible? This is because these movers can help you as you organize your things making sure that every piece of furniture or box will remain in order during the trip up until you get to your new office. Their help with smartening up your new office may be left unnoticed but they can certainly help lighten up your load later on.

When you need commercial movers in Long Island or in any part of New York, you can always count on us. We will make the move better for you and the entire staff!

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