How To Move Your Aquarium Fish During A Big Move In New York

Moving to a new place in New York normally comes with a number of challenges. If you have aquarium fish to move, it will also add another level of difficulty to your big move. It is never an easy task and it can be very stressful. Some people even suggest that their clients sell their fish and buy others when they settle in their new homes. However, you don’t have to do this because it isn’t that difficult to move your precious pets. Below is a simple guide that you should follow to make the move successful:

Moving the fish tank

When moving a fish tank, the filtration system poses a great challenge. With an inadequate supply of oxygen, the bacteria in the water start to die. If you are moving across a shorter distance, the bacteria colony may be preserved. However, if it’s a long distance you will have to restart it. This is what you should do:

• Put all the fish into a container. This container is used to hold the fish.

• Drain the fish tank. If it is a short distance move, leave some water to help you in the preservation of the bacteria colony.

• Disassemble the entire tank. Plants are likely to survive when their roots are wet. Sprinkle water on them, and keep them aside.

• For a short move, the container should be hard-sided and free from chemicals. However, for longer moves, the filter media should either be discarded or cleaned.

Moving the fish


When moving your fish, there are three things that should be considered. These are:

• The place to keep the fish when the tank is being moved

You should have plans of where your fish will be kept when the tank is being moved. Moving the tank may take a number of days or even a week and so you need to take the necessary precautions. Ensure that you identify a pet facility within your locality where you will keep your fish during that period.

Don’t forget to sign a contract with the store outlining the cost as well as the responsibilities of the facility. The care of your fish will be under the store and so you need to get one that is able to do that for you. This is costly, so set a budget for it.

• How to move the fish

If you are planning to have a short move you can put your fish in bags which are sealed and half-filled with fresh air. You can use oxygen instead of air if there is a possibility that the exercise may take a bit longer.

For longer moves on the other hand, make use of sealed buckets instead of bags. This should also apply if you are moving bigger fish. All the big fish should be put in a bucket instead of using separate bags for each fish.

• Supporting the fish when they are being moved

During the move, the fish are normally stressed and so they usually don’t eat throughout that period. The quality of water can also not be degraded with food. You should therefore ensure you feed your fish well the day before the actual moving day. Well-fed fish can survive without food for days or even up to a week.

Ensure that even temperature is maintained. You can achieve this by keeping them in a sealed cooler. You can also use an air stone or an air pump powered by a car battery for longer trips. Remember that you should never move the fish when in the tank. You should first move the fish tank and then move the fish afterwards. Take note of that.

If you need help in moving your aquarium fish, do contact us. We are a moving company in Long Island and we have helped thousands of clients make challenging moves in and out of New York.

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