Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Items To Enjoy A Hassle Free Move!

Is getting rid unwanted items a mundane process or a nightmare for you? You should note that when moving, this is a necessity. Do you want to pay more for the shipping of items you can’t use? It is a fact that most people have a problem of emotional attachment, so it is a bit tricky to let go. One good thing about getting rid of such items is that you will feel better organized and you won’t face more hassles during the move.

Leaving behind some of these possessions should not make you uncomfortable; just take it as a purge of the things that will bog you down. You will get a stronger satisfaction after it all. And if you don’t know where to begin or how to deal with it, this article has prepared some ways you can get rid of your unwanted items when planning to move:

Give them away

Of course you have family and friends and it is not uncommon to find that some of them like the items you are looking to get rid of. In fact, they will even be happier to look after these items once you are gone. Things such as little porcelain figures, souvenirs and clothes are known to come with the problem of emotional attachment, but once given away, they will give you a peace of mind when moving. All you need to remember before giving these items away is to check that they are in good condition. Also, clean it first.

If you have children, surely there are shoes and clothes that do not fit them any more. Because kids grow up quickly, the things they leave still look like brand new. Give these items to families with kids that can use them. And because there could be a toy or two that your kids got tired of using, you can give it away to other kids in your neighborhood.

Into the garbage bins


There are many items that are stashed in the closet just because you have an emotional attachment with them or because they are a legacy system. These ones should go to the trash. However, you need to be careful not to throw broken electronics and old appliance items among other devices in the garbage. Look for good containers with lids to put in the unwanted items there.


Because you want to do a little something for our planet, it is prudent to add a green idea to your moving. So, you can easily recycle items such as broken electronics, appliances, batteries and so forth. You can also send them to the companies that can repair them or even use their parts or components in creating others. Some old items such as computers can also be donated to schools.

Arrange a garage sale

Of course, it is not wrong to use such items to help you raise some money for your move. Arrange a garage sale at home and let everyone in your neighborhood know about it and the dates. You have to make sure that the items are in good working condition and that you clean them before arranging the garage sale.

Donate them

There are many non profit organizations and charity organizations you can give your items away to. It is even a good gesture if you donate to organizations in the area where you live. These items will be much appreciated and will really help that needy kid or person.

As you can see, by getting rid of unwanted items, you get to have a smooth move. Are you planning to move to New York? You can contact us at All The Right Moves LTD for more information on quality moving and storage in Long Island and the surrounding areas. Talk to us today for you moving needs.

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