Downsizing Dilemma: 3 Tips For Moving Home In New York

Moving home anywhere is usually stressful and traumatic but in New York, it typically involves downsizing. In a city where having a lot of space means being able to reach the fridge from your bed, space is at a premium and many people downsize in order to live in a more desirable location. If you are moving home in New York and having to downsize, this article is for you. Here are three sure-fire tips that will help you survive the experience.

Tip #1. Plan The Layout Of Your New Home


Nothing is more upsetting than paying a removal firm to shift your furniture to your new home only to find that certain items don’t fit. If you are downsizing in New York, this is a very real possibility. Being left in a new home full of unpacked boxes and finding that your sofa doesn’t fit where you imagined it would in the living room can tip you over the edge. To avoid this, obtain a to-scale floor plan of your new home. Use a tape measure and see whether your furniture will fit where you imagined it would. Plan the location of all of your furniture and see whether anything you own is simply too big for your new home. Earmark this to donate or sell prior to the move.

Planning using paper and pencil can be tough. A great planning tip is to use a photocopier to enlarge your floor plan to A3 size (double A4). You can carefully cut pieces of colored card to represent your furniture to scale. This makes it easier to find the best locations for your items. If this seems too low-tech, Floorplanner is the easiest and best-looking way to create and share interactive floor plans of your new home. In just a few clicks, you can furnish your plans by choosing items from the huge library of objects. Sign up for free at Floorplanner.

Tip #2. Ask Friends And Family To Help Stay Objective

There’s no nice way to say this but if you are downsizing, you’ll have to shed some of what you own. This sounds worse than it actually is but can be hard to do in practice. Asking friends and family to help you sort through your things will help you stay objective and face the reality of downsizing. You should ruthlessly sort your belongings into Keep, Donate, Recycling and Trash. With the exception of items holding sentimental value, as a general rule of thumb, anything you haven’t used in the past year should go. It is hard to stay objective when doing this alone so it’s always best to ask for a second opinion.

Tip #3. Complete The Move Piecemeal

Unlike other moves, downsizing throws up unique complications. You may not be certain that all of your possessions will actually fit into your new home. The shock of discoing this on move day can be overwhelming for even the hardiest of souls. A great tip for would-be downsizers is to complete the move piecemeal. As soon as you know you are moving, box up sentimental and personal items and move them into self storage. Leave the residential moving to a professional firm who can handle your clothing, furniture and other larger items. Give yourself time to adjust to your smaller home and see what fits where. You can retrieve and unpack your items from self storage at your own pace later on. This helps reduce the shock of the move.


These three tips should help you solve your downsizing dilemma. If you have recently downsized to a smaller pad in New York, let us know how it went. Tell us your top moving tips in the comments below!

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