Different Types of Moving Services You Might Have Never Heard Of Before

Talk of a moving company and the first thing likely to cross one’s mind is relocating. That is, packing one’s valuables and moving to a new town or neighborhood or just across to the next block. People simply overlook the fact that there is much more into moving than just relocating one’s home. Forget about corporate moving. It is just as common and mainstream as residential moving. There are other strange services offered by moving companies. Some can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Others simply fall into any of the following categories:

Government moves

It sounds strange that the government can hire a moving company for purposes of relocating from one point to another. But it happens. There are in fact, a few companies trusted by governments worldwide for their moving needs. Think about top secret files, money, gold and other valuables in custody of different governments around the world. Some of these items have to move from one country to another. In other words, they have to cross borders. That is where international moving companies come into the picture. They are often offered adequate protection, so there is no chance at all that values under their custody can get lost while on transit.

Military moves


You may not know it but there are laws that govern how military families should move. That is mainly because military life involves constant relocation. Moving companies that offer relocation services to military companies must therefore adhere to what is referred to as GSA tender of service rules as well as Federal Travel Regulations. Be sure to find out if your desired moving company has complied with the said guidelines. That is, if you are a spouse to a military man or lady. Keep in mind that moving services offered to military families often come along with a number of privileges. For instance, you may not have to pay them in cash.

Medical moves

This is all about moving medical equipment and medicine. It therefore goes without saying that special moving vehicles are involved. So if by any chance you run a clinic or any medical supplies business, you will need a moving company that can help you move your medical valuables. Be sure to find out if the company you wish to hire has obtained the prerequisite licensing and paperwork needed to offer moving services of medical equipment. Be sure to also find out if their personnel can handle medical equipment. This may sound obvious but handling some equipment calls for experts.

Lab moves

Pretty much like the aforementioned medical equipment moving services. It is however much more detailed. Laboratories as you may have already figured out use several equipment mostly for research. Some of the equipment and machines are radioactive. That means moving them from one point to another can put peoples’ lives at risk. Note too that some chemicals used in the lab are delicate can be hazards in case of mishaps and accidents. Moving them simply calls for utmost care and of course, high tech moving equipment fitted in special moving vehicles.

Abnormal loads

You must have come across trailers with ‘abnormal load’ signs. There are moving companies that offer exclusive services for moving abnormal loads. It could be boats, junk cars, big toys or just about any kind of an abnormal load. Whatever the case, be sure to stick to a company that offer’s exclusive services on abnormal loads. They always have what it takes to move wide and huge loads from one point to another.

What does your moving company provide?

Take time to know the kind of services the company you wish to hire offers. Many a times, your company can customize your move for your needs, whether it is for a residential move or a commercial move in Long Island or even one of the lesser-known types mentioned above!

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