Dealing With Your Water Utility Bills When Moving To A New Property

When you move out of your old house to a new home, there are things that you should not ignore. For example, you should not forget to deal with your home utilities. Water is essential for the home and as such, you need to alert the water company about your intentions to move out several weeks earlier before moving to the new home. Notifying the water company early enough makes it easy for them to arrange for a specific date to get the final reading of the meter so you can get your last utility bill for the old house.

Failure to do so may result in paying for water that you have not used after moving out. Similarly, the minute you walk into your new home, you ought to let the water company know that you are now responsible for the water bills for that property. In the event you want to retain the same water company for utility services, you will have to give them your new address.

Water supply in your home

Moving into a new home may have its perks and disadvantages. In a new property, you may pay your monthly water bills based on two options. The first option involves paying water bill on a fixed rate while in the second option, you pay the actual amount for water usage. The second option usually works with the aid of a meter.

It is possible to move into a new home and end up with a fixed-rate option for paying water bills. Though having an installation of a water meter may take a while, it is your right to have one and be able to pay for the water you use. Installation of the water meter is free. You should not be charged under any circumstance. If you are renting a home for more than six months, it is also your right to demand for water meter installation.

Changing to a water meter


You may need to change to a water meter method when you find the fixed-rate option unsuitable for you. Therefore, if you feel the need to change to the water meter option, you should get in touch with the water company through their telephone or applying on their website. In the event you fail to have a water meter installation for whatever reason, you may request the company to fix you on a cheaper tariff. This will save you money in the long run.

Water meter installation takes at least a week or so when you request for it. It takes much longer than that in areas that are having free water meters for the first time. As you check out your options, you may want to consider changing to water meter or having a fixed-rate pay-bill option.

Reasons that make it necessary to have a water meter

If you do not use much of the water available on a daily basis, changing to a water meter is an ideal solution. Some properties usually have fixed-rate option that may cost you more than you use. The rates tend to be high because they are based on the property value. With a water meter, the amount of money you pay at the end of a particular month will vary depending on how you use water.

Yes, finding the best moving company in Long Island to help you get to your new house may make things easy for you during the moving period. However, you would not want to deal with water bill headaches after settling in your new home. That’s why you should always take a proactive approach to settle your utility services both in your old house and your new place.

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