Clever Tricks To Help You In Packing For A Residential Move

Packing is an essential part of every move. You cannot do away with it. Often, however, you get confused with the many recommendations you get when it comes to packing. There may be some things you may overdo in the endeavor. The best thing to pack your things is to rely on some tricks that you may have never thought of will be helpful in a residential move.

Put your books in order


How will you be able to do that? You simply have to purchase easy-to-handle boxes or order some from a mover or a store. Get those boxes ready as you arrange your books accordingly. Books are better packed according to their sizes. The bigger books should stay at the bottom of the box while the smaller ones should go on top. Better leave no space inside the box so that the books will not get disarranged and the pages will not be crumpled during the move.

Pack items inside your drawers

Many times, you would free your drawers of items that will make them heavier. You do this in order to make it easier to carry the drawers out of the house once moving day comes. This is simply a wrong assumption. You can always leave some small items inside your drawers. This will lessen the need to reorganize things once you arrive in your new home and at the same time will lessen the need for packing supplies. Small items like clean pieces of towels, handkerchiefs, pajamas and anything light will be good to go in these drawers.

Match smaller items to their larger counterparts

What does this trick mean? Well, this tip is all about pieces of furniture that you disassemble and some appliances that have smaller parts connected with their use. When disassembling furniture, you should make sure that you tape bolts to the bed where they have been removed. You should do the same when attaching the remote control to that of the television. This will ensure you will not lose any piece of small material that is essential in assembling and using these furniture and appliances later on.

Protect your items with old cloths or sheets that you find at home

If you have been keeping old pieces of cloths or sheets inside your home, now is the right time to use them. You can use each piece to cover furniture and provide cushion to items that may get damaged when bumping to another surface during the trip. The reason for using old cloths instead of the newer ones is because you can easily discard them or you really need not spend so much time washing them later on.

Classify stuff accordingly

Classifying is one of the easiest ways to pack your things for the move and to unpack them when you reach your new home. With classifying, you get to sort smaller items that go together very well while also labeling the boxes with which they go to. You may need a separate box for extra fragile items too. When you pay attention to this essential part of the task, nothing can ever go wrong.

Pack fragile items carefully

There are tricks on how you can do this. Start by sealing the bottom of the box before packing. Stack plates so that they lay on their side and with crumpled papers or cards just in between each item. While you would often stack cups, bowls and glasses over each item in order to maximize space, it would be best not to do so for this will increase the risk of breaking for these fragile items.

These simple tricks are often neglected in the process of making a move. When you want to make sure you never miss on these essentials especially with regards to residential moving to Long Island, you can always count on us.

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