Based On True Stories – The Challenges Of Moving To New York City

Moving and relocating may not be an enjoyable experience for some as challenges tend to appear at every corner. Hence, some people find it hard to cope with the stress that entails. A move requires an individual to look for an affordable place to stay, make ends meet as well as reestablishing their immediate social circle. However, at the end of the tunnel where the light enters, individuals find the experience rewarding and gives them a sense of fulfillment.

To uncover more information about what people feel about making the move to New York City, this article shares with you the personal accounts and experiences of 6 locals, who were recently interviewed after moving to the Big Apple.

Experiencing difficulty in finding pet-friendly accommodations – Interviewee #1


A majority of New York City rental do not allow pets to stay with their owners. These stringent rules often result in limited options for the potential tenant. Even small-sized pets such as a 90-pound dog aren’t allowed to the make the cut. If the tenant managed to negotiate with their landlords and secured a rented unit, they usually end up paying a higher rent.

Not having enough time to look for ideal apartments to rent – Interviewee #2

Some people may not have the time and resource to travel to New York City to look for their dream apartments in person. Thus, they may be forced to rely on multiple listing sites from an online platform. Sometimes these resources are limited and may be of mediocre standards – not giving the individual what he or she really wants. When the person finally comes to the city to look for their potential homes, they may be tied down to a small window (an average of 2 days). And they may just grab what they can find even if it is not up to their standards.

The Fear of Missing Out – Interviewee #3

Also known as FOMO for short, many people who have just moved in are tempted to visit New York City’s many places of interest. These places could range from museums, parks, landmarks and whatever the nightlife scene has to offer. As a result, new tenants may find it difficult to keep within their monthly budgets due to peer pressure from their new social community.

New rules to follow – Interviewee #4

Some habits can never be brought over to New York City. Things like drinking on the streets, un-leashing pets outside designated off-leash areas and hours and illegal parking are a no-go! Some countries may not have such strict laws pertaining to the aforementioned, and the transition period makes it easy for them to commit the said offences.

Higher cost of living – Interviewee #5

Simple food items such as a sandwich may cost more than what one would normally pay for. Amusingly, the interviewee states that the amount may be comparable to a down payment for a small house in another location.

Experiencing the 4 seasons – Interviewee #6

Although winter is a much welcomed time of the year, some people who live in countries with warmer climates may experience difficulty in adjusting to the coldness. They are also required to purchase a brand new set of clothes to deal with the winter.

If you are contemplating whether to move to NYC, you should! No matter how tough the challenges sound, you will always adapt to it – it is just a matter of time! Additionally, you can also hire movers from NY to shift all your belongings to your new home and take most of the weight off your shoulders. You could always use that extra pair of hands!

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