Avoiding Common Moving Mistakes And Tackling Moving Problems In NY

Moving can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the whole thing. What is more, if proper preparation, communication and coordination are not adhered to, the mess can end up being so chaotic. As much as we would want the exercise to be as stress-free as possible, several challenges and mistakes can crop up though you can avoid and offer solution to each with some little knowledge. Below are some of the frequent blunders that may come up, and their way out.

The van is too small


There may be a case where you have more stuff than space. This may be because of the van, which turned up being too small or you having more than you specified to the company. To avoid such a danger, it is shrewd to have the mover company visit your home before the actual moving day. Let them evaluate your entire luggage and make sure to put everything in the open. It would be difficult for the removal company to ascertain how much stuff you have if you hide some, and hence they may end up sending a smaller vessel. Be transparent to evade this error.

The mover cannot access your home

When hiring the services of a mover, make sure that you provide the company with the correct full address. This is important as submitting a faulty or partially complete address will make the mover company struggle to get to your home. Providing the company with your phone number is also a great solution for this mistake, as they will easily contact you in case they are lost.

Disregarding insurance matters

Breakages often occur even when the best mover company is in charge of the task and thus it is vital to confirm on matters that regard your insurance. Most professional companies offer insurance policies though you can increase your household insurance with the intention of covering your belongings while under transit. Before the move, make sure to have a detailed list of your items and indicate their current state that you may report in the case of a breakage, theft or loss.

Termination of connection

Yes you have hired a mover company to pack and unpack your stuff, but what makes you sure that the crewmembers have the technical knowledge to disconnect your washing machine or dishwasher? These guys are mere removal people and not really into plumbing hence should not be expected to de-install such appliances. You can solve this by asking the mover in advance if they have qualified personnel to undertake such tasks. If not, you may need to contact technicians who can do the task before initiating the relocation.

You forget about rush hour

With around 40 million Americans relocating every single year, it is not rare to find most of the moving companies booked at certain times of the year. Hence, it would be beneficial to book your appointment early, as you will do away with last minute blunders whereas helping you get better estimates. You will also have ample time to compare the quotes when you do it in advance.

Leaving a moving company out

Ask any person who has ever decided to hire the services of a good moving company and they will tell you that they will never consider moving out on their own. Most movers in New York have employed skilled removal men who know how to fit stuff in an orderly and organized manner without breaking your stuff. Moreover, they are equipped with the ability and techniques of lighting heavy items hence being more reliable and up to the task. There is no need for you to break your back with such grave lifting. Instead, hire a mover and save yourself the numerous chiropractor appointments.

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