7 Proven Moving Day Tips That Have Worked For Many Individuals

Moving day is always one of the most stressful days in people’s lives. Those who have moved before can assert this because this day is always underestimated as it is the one of the final steps of the relocation process. You should note that if you overlook the minor details, it can cause a total mess. This article has prepared some quick tips to save you a lot of trouble during the move:

Wake up early


You need to wake up early on this material day so as to plan your time. You don’t want to frown upon it. Because it is going to be a long and tiring day, you need to be fresh and alert. This also means that you should have had a good sleep. You want to stay organized during your move, so don’t wait until the movers wake you up.

Wear appropriate clothes

The clothes to wear on the moving day should be comfortable ones. And because you want to avoid injuries on this long day and busy day, avoid shoes and clothes with ties. You should note that loose clothes are not recommended because they can increase chances of injuries. Consider the weather too if you are moving long distance. You want to keep a pair of clean clothes with you because you might be required to change due to weather.

Charge your cell phone

It is important that you and your family should have full batteries on your mobile phones. You want to stay in touch and to avoid problems, so have full batteries on your phones. It is very important that you are reachable; even your mover could contact you; leave alone your friends back at home.

Make a list

When it comes to moving, lists can really save you a lot of time and worries. You need to make a list so as to ease the activities on the material day. You need to make a list with the cell phone number of your driver and professional moving company. Make another one with everyone’s duty on the moving day and don’t forget to create one with all your moving boxes and their content. And you can even prepare another one to help in keeping the progress of your move.

Getting extra help

Are you getting extra help on the moving day? Make sure that you assign everyone their tasks. And because plans can change, confirm with them if there are any changes so that you can replace them early. Also, you should confirm that the different duties don’t overlap, so as to prevent misunderstandings. You need to organize the team well so that all tasks are finished without difficulties and on time.

Moving day food ideas

It is also prudent to think of food before the moving day. You don’t want to leave everything for the last moment. On the day before the moving day, make sure that you know what will be used. You may want to consider pizza, sandwiches and even sweets. Remember that the movers are people too, so count them in. Sometimes the packing and loading process can take more time that you had planned, so it is imperative to take some break and have some refreshments.

Cleaning after movers

After movers have loaded everything, the house will be left in a total mess. If you have the cleaning products with you, you need to start cleaning the house. If the task seems tedious, it is prudent to call in a professional cleaning service. You should have contacted them days before the moving day so that they come prepared for work.

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