6 Top Tips For A Stress Free Move

Moving home isn’t for everyone and few people enjoy the challenge. If you have plenty of money, you can simply hire one of those fancy companies to come and box up your possessions for you. For us mere mortals, moving home takes a lot of effort and invariably causes a lot of stress. Here are six ways to move without pulling your hair out in frustration. How many have you tried?

Tip #1. Freecycle Your Way To Free Packing Boxes


Moving home is expensive. There’s no hiding the fact that extra expenses can add to your woes. Considering that packing boxes are just glorified cardboard boxes, removal companies charge a fortune for these essential items. To reduce you stress levels, find your local Freecycling™ network. Someone who has just completed their move in your area may be looking to donate their packing boxes.

Tip #2. Use A Color-Coding System For Your Boxes

You don’t have to teach junior high to love color-coding things. From red to violet, colors are a fun way of organizing your things. Simply assign a color to each room such as red for your kitchen, orange for your living room and so on. Use that color for writing the contents on each box. You can use the same color for making a separate list of each item contained in each box. This makes it easier to locate your boxes and belongings when you arrive at your new home.

Tip #3. Try A Moving App

True enough, there really is an app for everything these days. Moving apps can take the hassle out of your move. You can create lists of which items are in which boxes and store your information in the cloud. You’ll never lose your packing list and can share it with any other people helping you with your move. Perhaps most helpfully, moving apps have ‘to do’ lists to guide you through the process of moving. Under the categories ‘one month before’, ‘one week before’ and ‘the day of the move’, you won’t forget anything if you use an app.

Tip #4. The More You Use It, The Later You Pack It

You can easily hit your personal boiling point if you can’t find things that you have already packed. A simple rule for avoiding this is to pack the items you rarely use first. Keep the items you need almost every day until last. This ‘just in time’ approach to packing will help keep your stress levels in check.

Tip #5. Use An ‘Urgency’ Labeling System

Most people flip out when they arrive at their new home. Even if you use a professional residential moving firm, when the removal men go, they leave you amongst a mountain of packing boxes feeling as though you are drowning. Remember ‘The Office’? Protagonist Michael Scott had an unusual system of labeling documents as Urgent A, Urgent B, Urgent C etc. Writing the word ‘urgent’ was just an attention grabber but documents labeled A were the most important. You can use a similar system to help you unpack. Label the most important boxes as ‘A’ and the less important ones as subsequent numbers.

Tip #6. Have An Unpacking Plan

Even if you prioritize which boxes should be unpacked first, you still may find yourself paralyzed by the sight of so many boxes. Have an unpacking plan in place to keep your stress levels in check. Draw a plan of your new home, draw where your main items of furniture will go. Direct the removal men to put these items in place. Work through the most urgent boxes methodically when you first arrive.


These six removal tips should help minimize your stress during your home move. Which anti-stress moving tips would you offer? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

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