6 Potential Moving Setbacks And What You Can Do About Them

You must have heard before that taking time to plan things before moving is essential; that you have to buy tapes, cartons, wrappers, and ropes. Such considerations are of course important. But how often do people really take time to consider a few setbacks that can make moving from one place to another a nightmare? Better yet, how often do people put up measures to deal with such setbacks? Chances are, you don’t. After all, you have a reputable moving company to rely on. Don’t be so sure. Things happen. The best you can do is to be ready for anything at all times. With that in mind, here is a list of 5 factors that can potentially ruin you moving plans and what you can do to counteract them.

Inclement weather

It is easy to assume the weather will just be fine when moving. Simple geography can however prove otherwise. That is especially if you are planning to move to a different country or state where the weather in always unpredictable. The best you can do is to find out what the weather will be like at the time you expect to arrive with the moving crew and your loved ones to your destination. You can always find out more information about the weather from the papers or the internets.

Bad behavior of your kids

Two things can happen here. Your kids could be excited about moving to a new place. On the contrary they may not quite entertain that idea. It gets worse with teens. Dealing with them is more often than not, tricky. It is easy to deal with the situation. Make a point of letting them know early about your plans to move. That is, talk to them. Let it sink that you will have to move as a family to a new neighborhood, town or state.



You may be moving to a much secured place. But how about the route the moving company will be using? Is your safety guaranteed? Will you have the peace of mind that your valuables will reach the other end safely? Be sure to find out if the route the moving company will use is safe, especially at night. Be sure to also find alternative routes should you have reasons to believe the route you intend to use is insecure. You may also have to seek help from the authorities and request for security men to accompany you.

Hidden charges

This happens a lot. You request a quote and get one that seems to be within your budgets. Then things change and you are forced to chip in more. Always ask if there are additional or extra charges that you may have to pay on top of the quote. Then stick to reputable moving companies. Little known and unscrupulous moving companies will always surprise you with the said hidden charges.

Packing nightmares

This is yet another common problem. It happens where one has lots of items to pack in one night before moving. Either you don’t have enough packing boxes or your items cannot fit into the ones you have. May be you don’t even have moving boxes at all. There is only one way to fix this. Go for a comprehensive moving plan. That is, request your moving company to help you pack everything. You may have to pay more, but don’t mind. It is convenient and saves time.

Paper work and the law

First off, ensure anything that you agree with the moving company is in black and white. Then make sure you won’t have problems with the law if you are moving to a different country or state. This can easily happen where you have firearms or items that are considered legal where you live and illegal where you intend to move to.

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