6 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Move Houses

Moving can really be a hectic affair. But with the advancement in tech, the whole process is now straight forward and less dramatic, thanks to handy mobile applications in both the iOS and Android stores. You just need a mobile phone to get hold of these handy applications. Unfortunately, these apps are not free so you may have to part with just a few bucks. This should not bother you since they are way worth it. Here are some of the best apps to facilitate your next move:


Moving Van

Moving Van, which goes for roughly US$2, is one of the most useful applications when it comes to moving. This handy tool attempts not only take you through the moving itself, but also packaging, as well as the unpacking stage. With this app, you can photograph your items and assign them to different digital boxes and rooms. Moreover, you can email the information for future reference.

My Move

Built by MyMovingReviews, My Move is a handy tool that is especially helpful when searching for a moving company and helping you organize the move. This free Android and iOs app is equipped with a couple of features such as information and tips that regard to choosing a moving company, a moving checklist, moving notes and distance estimates linking your locations.

Moving Day

Without a qualm, Moving Day has to be the one of the most efficient and productive moving applications that is available in the iPhone Stores. Just like the Moving Van, this app is concerned with the sole responsibility that your moving is unproblematic. It assists you to organize your items and ensure that everything is under control on the moving day. In the same case as its competitor, you will be able to assign your items to virtual boxes and counter check with the list during unpacking.

Moving Guru

This broad application for iPhone is an awesome utility tool whenever you are moving. Going for merely a buck, this tool facilitates the whole moving phase. It is also inclusive of a checklist, just like most of its counterparts. Moreover, it enables you to acquire moving estimates and proficient moving companies. For instance, if you are moving to New York, you can just key in your present neighborhood and your desired place to move. You will then be supplied with useful information that regards the moving companies around you and their distance.

Zillow App

Engineered by Zillow Real Estate, this Android and iPhone application is a great tool, especially, if you are still uncertain of where you would like to move. It will lend you a hand with its virtual maps in identifying homes for sale. It does not stop there as it will also give you the rough estimates of all the homes, which are in its colossal database and the available payment options.


If you love yourself an artistic well-designed and free iPhone app, then this is the one for you. This handy but easy to use app will assist you to obtain live quotes while you are still packing your inventory quite easily. Moreover, like most of its counterparts, you are provided with a customizable wish list, available property for sales around the area that you are moving to, tips on purchasing real estate, among many other features. This all-inclusive app offers great aid to your moving.

Hence, you can save yourself a stress-filled experience the next time you are moving, by taking advantage of some of these handy applications on your portable iOS or Android device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet. They offer a good partner as the techs have understood the needs of moving, and have come up with these effective solutions to make your moving much easier and enjoyable.

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