5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Packing Music Instruments For A Move

If you are a musician, you know how it feels to move to a new location with your musical equipment. They are sensitive, which means you have to first pack them appropriately. You also have to find a moving service provider that will offer you more than just value for your money and ensure your equipment make it from one point to another intact.

Take grand pianos for instance. You may not know it but weather can affect how they function. They are delicate. The same can be said about violins and other stringed instruments. Tuning then becomes a problem, forcing one to hire an expert to have the tuning problems fixed. Your best is to first ensure you have packed your instruments appropriately before even calling a moving company. Here is how to go about it.

Loosen strings of your guitar


Loosen them just slightly. Then alight all tuning knobs with the headstock. If the guitar is electrical, remove the cables and anything else attached to it. Wrap the guitar in a bubble wrap and fasten the bubble wrap with a masking tape. Get a sizable box that can allow you to place the guitar in a compartment. Make sure the headstock is protected. Ensure other attachments such as tuners are stored in a different compartment within the same box. Do the same thing with brass instruments. Simply remove the mouthpiece then pack separately. Be sure to disassemble the woodwinds gently before you can pack them.

Get the right case

Most instruments often come complete with their cases when complete. But one can lose the cases or simply damage them. For large instruments such as Chellos and tubas, casings are mandatory when one is on the move. The same can be said about pianos. Get a hard case designed specifically for them. Any other type of casing can easily damage your instrument.


This is often a challenge for pretty much obvious reasons. For starters, it is hard to shop for bubble wrapping. You simply won’t know how much wrapping you will need. Secondly, you may have to get Styrofoam cushioning specifically designed to protect the instrument you are packing. There are however other home tips that can come to your rescue. Consider using towels, fiber pillows or used mattresses. Crumple soft paper around the instrument to ensure it fits in its package snugly. It should not move at all within the case. Remember not to overdo the stuffing. You can always know this if you have to use force to shut the packing. Lock the case if you will be transporting the instrument for long.

Pack other small equipment as well

Wires, adapters, batteries, charges and all the other small equipment used when putting up electrical instruments must also be packed well before moving. Roll your wires and chords on something study. Use plastic or wooden hangers. For adapters and screws, use clear containers. Then remember to label each container. You can also get sizeable boxes for other small equipment.

Upright pianos

Upright pianos are just as delicate and sensitive as grand pianos. You don’t have to pack them before moving. You must however wrap them well. Use something as thick as a blanket if you do not have the right wrap for the piano. Then make sure you use as minimal human effort as possible when moving it to a truck. Use piano dollies if the piano you wish to move does not have piano casters. Then remember that pianos should never be trucked with their dollies on. Remember too that they should be padded with Styrofoam cushioning where possible. They should also be fasted or triple belted on the sides of the truck.

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