5 Reasons I Would Recommend a Professional Moving Company

When I recently had to move house I was very worried about the move. In the past me and my family have organized it ourselves and have found it taxing and stressful; particularly for me and my wife. This time I decided to hire a professional moving company to move us, andbelieved it would surely be better that our own efforts. It was, in fact, a glorious success, and here are the main reasons why.



Until I saw professionals in action I thought my family was quite good at packing, but that turns out to be pure fantasy. An inventory was taken prior to the move to establish the packaging required, and 2 days before the move the packaging arrived. The bags boxes and crates were labeled with the expected contents, and we started the boxing up our selves. On the day of the move larger items that needed crating were packed by the company, and everything was labeled ready for the new house.


If you want to see efficiency, look no further than a professional moving company. The organization was near military, and the way everything was fitted into the truck was astounding. There was not a moment I worried about breakages,and the loading seemed to dispel any worries about movement inside the truck; especially after the fitting of internal strapping


Instead of our usual cramming of possessions into a van, the moving company had the luxury of a much larger vehicle which seemed to have nooks and crannies everywhere. The truck also looked brand new and seemed reliable enough to drive across the country. There was even a spare van available for any odds and sods that would not fit, luckily we didn’t need it.


It was immediately apparent that these men had worked together previously.The foreman would issue orders that the others carried out to the letter, and nobody complained about what they needed to do. They all helped each other and, amazingly, were actually happy all day. This was a team of professional moversthat knew exactly how to maneuver large items, and ensure everything was cared for properly. There is no doubt in my mind that every member of the team had been trained by another to do the work expected of them.


At the new house there was an unbelievable flurry of activity. 6 men set about unloading the truck and depositing our belongings in the rooms we had marked on the packaging, andonce again the efficiency was to the fore.In a few hours all of our possessions were in their rooms stacked orderly and organized properly. We were left to do most of the unpacking, but everything that was crated was uncrated, and all the heavy items were put into the positions that my wife stipulated.

Moving with a professional company proved to be a dream; we had no stress or fatigue, and actually enjoyed the whole experience. I can give no greater recommendation for the service than to say this. As the movers drove away we waved goodbye to them like family members we would not see for years. I can thoroughly recommend using a moving service.

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