5 Moving Tips For The Perfectionist In You


Unless you are a self-professed perfectionist, you probably loathe this trait in other people and swear that it doesn’t apply to you. In truth, almost everyone has a few perfectionist-type habits that they don’t like to admit to. Whether it is getting every speck of dirt out of your rugs when you vacuum or scrubbing your shower screen spotless, there is a little perfectionism in all of us. Here are five moving tips that should appeal to the perfectionist in you.

Tip #1. Keep An Essentials Box

Even if you identify more with the ‘happy-go-lucky’ mindset, there’s likely still a part of you that hates ripping open boxes just to find something your desperately need. You can avoid this by keeping an ‘essentials’ box. Start your packing by boxing up all of your rarely used possessions first such as your skiing gear and camping equipment. Label your boxes so you know which contain rarely used items and which you’ll need as soon as you arrive in your new home. Keep one special box containing all the essentials you need as soon as you arrive. This could contain utensils, groceries, paper and important items such as documents that you can’t be without.

Tip #2. Color Code Your Boxes

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to love color coding. Everyone loves rainbow colors for helping them keep their packing boxes in order. Simply choose a color for each room in your home and use a magic marker in that color to label the boxes containing items from that room. This will help the removal men places boxes into the correct rooms in your new home. It will also help you see at a glance whether boxes are in the right place before you start unpacking.

Tip #3. Use A Moving App To Stay Organized

Moving apps such as Move Checklist straddle the line between perfectionist and geek. Under different headings such as ‘At 8 Weeks’, ‘At 4 Weeks’ and so forth, this app lets you tick off tasks as you complete them. It’s the modern version of the handwritten ‘to do’ list except you’ll never lose it as its backed up on your phone and in the cloud. Best of all, you can share the same list with other people, allowing you to divide up tasks and keep informed as soon as one is complete. This is bound to appeal to the perfectionist in you.

Tip #4. Have Your Rugs Cleaned Before You Go

Besides being the perfect tip for any perfectionist, having rugs and mats professionally cleaned is a sensible move. Professional cleaning firms will collect your rugs, clean them using a hot water extraction cleaner and then roll them up in pristine condition. Best of all, firms will even deliver the cleaned mats to your new home, all nicely wrapped up in plastic. This will give you nice clean mats when you arrive at your new place.

Tip #5. Freecycle Away Your Packing Boxes

The perfectionist in you will hate the mess caused by packing boxes. Not only are they bulky and cumbersome to open but they take up a lot of space even if you break them down flat. The last thing anyone wants is to have piles of cardboard cluttering their space when they move. One tip is to use your local Freecycle™ network to find someone in your area who needs packing boxes. Freecycling means recycling things by giving them away. Use your nearest center to connect with someone who needs your boxes. They will come round and take them away.


Whether you are moving alone or hiring a company specializing in residential moving in Long Island, these five tips are bound to appeal to the perfectionist in you. Leave us a comment with your best tips in the comments below!

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