5 Ideas For Surviving A Home Move Without Crying

Moving home is an emotionally draining experience that leaves many people in tears. Not only are you sad to be leaving a place that holds so many memories but you have the expense and stress of the move itself. In truth, you’ll probably shed a tear no matter how you go about your move but here are five ideas that may help.

Idea #1. Use Self Storage


Gone are the days when self storage was the poor relation to ruinously expensive managed storage. These days, self-storage units are climate controlled havens with convenient 24/7 drive-up access. Renting one gives you a good chance of surviving a home move with your emotions intact. Much of the emotion of a move comes the finality of having all your worldly possessions unceremoniously dumped by removal men at your new home. Storing some of your personal items in a self-storage unit beforehand gives you some breathing space. You know your personal possessions are in a safe place and you don’t have to deal with them immediately after the move. Self storage helps soften the blow of moving home.

Idea #2. Start Packing As Soon As You Know You Are Moving

A last minute mad dash to throw everything into boxes isn’t good for your soul. You need time to rediscover things you own and make decisions about whether to take, donate or trash them. Leaving this to the last second is bound to end in tears. Be smart and start the packing early as soon as you know you are moving.

Idea #3. Reduce The Cost Of The Move

If being uprooted doesn’t make you blubber like a baby, seeing your credit card bill certainly will. Moving home can be insanely expensive. Unless your work is picking up the tab as part of a relocation package, moving home will cost you dearly. A smart way to reduce the emotional turmoil of the move is to cut your costs. For instance, instead of buying boxes and packaging materials, ask grocery stores or hospitals for old boxes. You could even join a local Freecycling™ network and connect with people who have just finished moving home. You may be able to collect their packing materials free of charge.

Idea #4. Have Your Furniture Professionally Cleaned Before You Move

Paying for your furniture, rugs and curtains to be professionally cleaned before you move home is a smart decision. Most home sellers will give their home a complimentary clean so you’ll likely move into a clean place. The same can’t be said for your own possessions. Cleaning firms will clean your large possessions and pack them in plastic for transport. Unwrapping freshly cleaned things can help you from shedding tears.

Idea #5. Go Green

Going green helps the environment and soothes your emotions too. You’ll feel better if you are environmentally friendly and it can reduce your work as well. For instance, residential moving in Long Island will go far smoother with JuggleBox, a useful service that brings you heavy-duty reusable crates for your packing. This reduces waste and leaves you with less work as the firm collect the boxes when you’ve finished unpacking.


Moving home is bound to be upsetting but these five ideas can really help. The best moves are the ones where you don’t have a care in the world. The less work you have to do, the less chance you have of becoming upset. Having the right removal service can help so always ask friends and family for personal recommendations. If you have recently moved home, which tips helped you? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

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