4 Things You Need To Do When Planning To Move With Ease In New York

Sometimes, moving can be a very exhausting affair especially when it involves moving a large number of items over a long distance. The fact that there are so many moving companies in New York can lull you into a sense of security, thinking that you can trust every single moving company out there to help you do the move with minimal stress. However, it’s important to follow a specific checklist of things to watch out for when initiating this process, so that you don’t end up joining the number of people who end up having negative sentiments about the process. By simply keeping in mind a few simple things, you can get rid of the bulk of the stress associated with moving. Some of the most potent of these include:

Finding references before you use any moving service


The fact that there are so many moving companies in New York means that you would be lost for choice if you are looking for one, but it also means that you need to be very careful when trying to find one. By far, the best way of eliminating some of the less trustworthy ones is through the use of references. Consulting people who have used the services of a specific moving agency will give you an idea of what to expect from them, and will then make it easier for you to choose one that will not disappoint you.

Do the timing right

If you have some control over when you can move, it’s always a good idea to try and optimize it. Most moving companies are most active during the summer, when most people and businesses choose to move. This means that if you are interested in lower rates, it would be better to do it at some other point in time. Of course, a few firms such as All The Right Moves Ltd are dependable throughout the year, so you can use their services even during the summer.

Other factors that determine when you should move include whether you have kids or not. If you have school going kids, it might be easier to move during the summer since they will be out of school then.

Give the process ample time

It’s entirely possible to wake up one morning and decide to move and actually get it done. However, you are likely to have a huge headache when you have this approach, since the number of things that can go wrong increases with the suddenness of the decisions you make. The best way to approach this would be to give yourself enough time to go through the various options you have in terms of moving companies. This also makes it easier for you to carry out any needed negotiations, and to even get extra services such as cheap insurance from third parties.

Pay attention to the details

This is by far one of the most important things you can do to make moving a lot easier. A sample of the things you need to take note of include:

• The risk of the cost of moving increasing: if a company does not offer guaranteed quotes, chances are that you will spend more than you had anticipated on the move.

• The type of insurance they offer: you need to go through details such as the limits they place on the insurance, as well as what types of cover they offer. If you are not satisfied, you can then find a third party to offer you the insurance. You may also need to consult reviews to find out if the insurance is truly reliable.

• When the arrival will be: do they guarantee arrival as soon as possible or is there room in the contract for inconvenient delays?

Thus, having a clear understanding of these details will make it easier for you to assess whether you can rely on the mover or not.

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